How Much Should You Be Tipping Delivery Drivers Right Now? Tabs, Thurs., April 9, 2020

How Much Should You Be Tipping Delivery Drivers Right Now? Tabs, Thurs., April 9, 2020

The feds are going to stop paying for testing sites on Friday, according to NPR. Some will be taken over by the states, others will close. He does not want you to know how many people have the virus, and Fox News is helping him by screaming about overcounting when the opposite is true. This is frightening.

Should you intentionally infect yourself? THIS epidemiologist says NO. Boo hiss boring what a DRAG, MOM, WE HATE YOU! (New York Times)

Here, be delighted. You're gonna need it.

Brian Beutler on Democrats better step the fuck up to stop Republicans from murdering us is depressing and true. (Crooked Media)

How Trump broke the agencies that were supposed to protect us. — Politico

Slate: SBA disaster loans are a disaster.

SBA official says it's big banks turning their backs on small businesses. Can't both be true? (Washington Post)

Oh this 37-year-old former Kavanaugh clerk Mitch McConnell is about to confirm as a district court of appeals judge sounds greeeeat. (HuffPost)

Speaking of courts! SCOTUS and the Wisconsin Supreme Court acted unconscionably, and Slate has the receipts.

Speaking of more courts! Sam Irby tells us who we're watching on Judge Greg Mathis today. — Bitches Gotta Eat

Is (acting) DNI Ric Grenell "improperly overhauling the intelligence community"? Oh yeah. (Politico)

Jerry Falwell is doing some nonsense to journalists for being mean to him. (Politico)

Anti-choice protesters think stay-at-home orders don't apply to them. — Rewire

Probably because "pro-life" "pregnancy crisis centers" are still open in states that have banned abortions because not "essential." (Vice)

Wait a minute, does "Tiger King" show Joe Exotic as some kind of hero, according to this Daily Beast? Has nobody ever read this other, old Daily Beast? Because I sure fucking did!

Oh I had those tabs open before I saw this, so that's fun.

Bloody fucking hell. OK, it is Passover and I have had some wine (did you think I get up at 4 "Mountain time" to write tabs? LOL) and I am getting the fuck out. Also, Evan is out for his birthday, Robyn is off because it's her regular day off, and Liz is out for moar Passover, so don't expect us to write a bunch of stuff except for SER, who has taken over being Boxer — "I will work harder" — from Dok. GOODBYE.

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