Experts Reveal Their Hacks For A Good Night's Sleep! Tabs, Thurs., Aug. 5, 2021

Experts Reveal Their Hacks For A Good Night's Sleep! Tabs, Thurs., Aug. 5, 2021

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Dr. Zeynep Tufekci was the first person I saw advising people to mask while the CDC was still recommending against it (and they did, in order to save mask supplies for health care professionals). Here she calmly lays out the CDC's pretty fucked-up messaging missteps over Delta and vaccinations and encourages them to be first but get it right. She also explains data errors that seemed to show "equal" transmission from vaccinated people who suffered breakthrough infections. I will add only that I (I am not a doctor or scientist but I have been watching pretty closely how all over the map she's been) do not have confidence in CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky's ability to lead the agency. — Zeynep Tufekci at the New York Times

Oh weird! Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, like Florida, is ... underwater. (Talking Points Memo)

Anti-vax nurse feels terrible now that she's infected her father, and is "considering" getting a vaccine. — Joe.My.God

Should Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry should go to jail for emailing all his workforce with how to get out of a mask requirements for their kids at school, when the children's hospitals in Louisiana are absolutely full?

"I do not consent to forcing a face covering on my child, who is created in the image of God," reads the form letter Landry suggests his employees use. "Masks lead to anti-social behaviors, interfere with religious commands to share God's love with others, and interfere with relationships in contravention with the Bible."

Yes. I who am not a lawyer think that is "depraved indifference homicide" which is just as valid as whatever shit he's spewing. Lock him up. (Advocate)

Hey, you got eight hours handy?


Folks from the Roosevelt Institute, whom we love, nerd-talk how Democrats can (and should!) make the most of this moment to restructure our economy and our politics. Am I an economist, or a politician? Oh shut up. — The New Republic

Everything I thought I knew is a lie: William Casey's trip on behalf of Ronald Reagan to meet one of the ayatollahs and ask him to keep the hostages until after the election was to Madrid, not Paris. Stupid me! (The American Prospect)

Looks like the NLRB might recommend throwing out the Amazon Alabama union election defeat! — Lawyers Guns & Money

How Rep. Cori Bush got Joe Biden to about-face on the eviction moratorium, and how all her colleagues LUUUURVE HERRRR. (Forbes)

Who is this Chump Lady and why is she not writing for your Wonkette? — Chump Lady

Meet this beautiful young trans woman suing the state of Montana for being anti-trans dicks. (them.)

Gabby Thomas just won bronze in, I don't know ... sport. She's also doing her master's on racial disparities in health care and being AWESOME. — CBS News

What the fuck, California, these counties, and PG&E???? WHAT THE FUCK. California's Camp Fire Nomads Fear Eviction, Are Struggling to Survive. (LA Times)

For his birthday yesterday, that time my mom met Barack Obama and it was so sweet. — Wonkette

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