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Oxford School Board pretty sure clear backpacks and no lockers should do it, while some parents explain that to "remain Oxford Strong," everything must return to "normal" immediately. Normal. (Detroit Free Press)

Matt Yglesias: Super-annoying, often wrong! This is a good column though about what Latino voters want, identity politics, a great Jesse Jackson speech, a unity coalition, and "Latinx." — Slow Boring

A reminder of what's in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIF, no I don't know why [because it was "framework" first is why — Dok]), the one that passed already and will start making things better even if the rest of the agenda gets fuckin' whacked, from the White House. Familiarize yourself with it again; it's important, and you'll feel better no matter what Joe Manchin does.

LOL, House is doing oversight, and they looked into that whole "emoluments" thing that was such a big deal before the rest of the Trump Crime Spree took place. Would you believe that while everybody was screeching about "emoluments" and Trump profiting off the taxpayer-owned DC Old Post Office that became his DC shitpalace, the GSA never bothered to look into it? (NBC News)

Vice President Kamala Harris announces billions for financial institutions that serve people of color. I hope all the white banks don't sue, because that is what is happening with the aid for farmers of color right now. — The Grio

How airlines cutting service to some cities (like Delta and United just did) used to be illegal until Jimmy Carter deregulated the airlines — :( — and also how "experts and economists are starting to connect the dots between deregulation and regional inequality and calling for a return to 'industrial policy,' where the government regulates some services like utilities and airlines." I love it when Business Insider gets like this.

Oh you guys want a presidential commission on the Supreme Court report? What if I told you it's UNDER 300 pages??? (Report)

The ending of this story about Philadelphia (and other places) taking foster kids' Social Security survivors benefits, GULP SOB. Anyway, good story, well done, happy loving family GULP SOB HOORAY. (MSN)

Joe Manchin is going to be FURIOUS:

Starting in January, California will embark on an ambitious experiment to control asthma in its most vulnerable patients. Medi-Cal will offer recipients like Ruby unconventional in-home “treatments” not traditionally considered health care: removing mold, installing air purifiers and even replacing carpeting, blinds and mattresses.

These new asthma benefits are just a small part of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s sweeping $6 billion initiative to transform the largest Medicaid program in the country. The initiative, known as CalAIM, will target the state’s sickest and most expensive patients and cover an array of new social services, including home-delivered healthy meals; help with grocery shopping, laundry and money management; and security deposits for homeless people in search of housing.

California Healthline

Oh the saddest thing in the world, this woman in prison for killing her stepfather husband. Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee, surprisingly, has given her clemency, so yay Bill Lee. But she is an entry point to talk about this gross Oxygen show "Snapped," with its tales of tawdry murderesses who ... were raped and abused actually. — New York mag

Anne Theriault on learning to cook from meal kits. It's sweet! As all y'all know, when you're #cookingwithrebecca you should #dowhatever. And that's covered here too. (The Walrus)

Plant hoarders! Hoarders of plants! (Input Mag)

bell hooks, 1952-2021. The best loving on her I've seen yet today. — New Yorker

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