We Changed Our Sleeping Habits After This Monthlong Family Vacation! Tabs, Thurs., Feb. 24, 2022

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You know how Glenn Greenwald keeps saying criticizing Russia is "redbaiting" and "McCarthyism" like Russia is still communist somehow instead of kleptocapitalist? Anyway, here's the superyacht of one of Putin's oligarchs; apparently it is the nicest one in the world and some dude from Bulwark (paywall, no link) thinks we should bomb it. (SuperYachts)

Every part of this story about Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick railing against vote by mail while trying to get his people to vote by mail, while sending their applications to the wrong office and then explaining it's not because his campaign is incompetent but because blue counties are #rigged, is infuriating sideways upside down smile emoji. (Texas Tribune) Oh, and elections officials are now legally banned from encouraging voting by mail hahahahahah life is a cabaret. (KHOU)

It's Robert Reich's Video Korner! What's he on about today? Just the recent Supreme Court decision making racial gerrymanders legal, so that's good then :)


Does North Dakota ever get sick of screwing the tribes over voting rights? No, it is the Energizer Bunny of screwing the tribes. (I'm so old I remember when North Dakota bannedmilitary ID for voter registration, because Native Americans have the highest rate of military service. "The TroopsTM" who?) Anyway, this one's about racial gerrymandering, I guess it is a thing! — Guardian

Conservative old-school blogger Patterico goes off on his fellow conservative bloggers who insist that Candace Owens has no constituency and Joe Rogan is just a harmless li'l kittycat, and it's pretty fun, does some math, and also is clearly STILL MAD that someone accused him of tweeting during work hours however many centuries ago. It's a good post. (Substack)

How many American workers went on strike last year? Just 140,000 — and a third of them weren't even unionized. (Business Insider)

Sorry I forgot your profit-sharing checks, Wonkette staff and freelancers and probably commenters! "Stellantis UAW workers eligible for $14,670 profit-sharing checks." But mah milk bills! (Detroit Free Press)

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee didn't forget to give all your tax moneys to these Betsy DeVos/Hillsdale College charter school "public schools" :/ — Tennessean

Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder taxed people's retirements so they could cut corporate taxes, and now all the retirees are like (DIRECT QUOTE) "I feel like the state took me for a ride." Did it? Did THE STATE? Or did the fucking Republicans? It's a real stumper! (MLive)

I get that I'm supposed to be talking about "Lauren Boebert and poo," but all I can think about is what kind of Democrat runs ads about "small government"? This one, with the poo.


And that brings us to the Recipe Hub section of today's tabs!

From comments, this a good-lookin' creamy chicken with sundried tomatoes, which I never know how to use right in recipes but I do now! (Sip and Feast)

Happy sigh #BREAKFASTBOARDS. — Instagram

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