7 Bad Relationship Habits Therapists See All The Time! Tabs, Thurs., Jan. 21, 2021

7 Bad Relationship Habits Therapists See All The Time! Tabs, Thurs., Jan. 21, 2021
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Catch the blue train places never been before.

A review of Biden's inaugural palate cleanser after "four years of garish horror." Correct! (Evening Standard)

Finally Jill Filipovic can put her shoulders down and exhale. What, Jill Filipovic? I can't hear you over this tequila and champagne! — CNN

Biden's 'naug starts the clock for Democrats to go big. — Hayes Brown at MSNBC

Like these competing, compelling visions for the future???

Judging by responses on Twitter, it's necessary to point out HE IS JOKING YOU GUYS.

So many EOs and firings and putting a moratorium on deportations yestertonight, we are beginning to think Old Handsome Joe isn't going to waste two years trying to compromise with the GOP. No links, they're everywhere, it's late and Shy says I have to come to bed, and we will write about all of them!

Biden's inaugural address transcript. (Maclean's)

I expect Joe Biden has fixed this already. JOE BIDEN HAVE YOU FIXED THIS ALREADY? (Guardian)

Latino groups say Biden's immigration proposals are "bold" and "stunning." SO HAS HE GOTTEN THAT LITTLE BOY OUT OF JAIL YET? DID YOU, JOE BIDEN? FIX IT! — Politico

Even Joe Manchin ready for some big honking socialist Infrastructure Week (and he's backed off his opposition to stimmy checks with Biden's name on them)(not actually Biden's name on them)(I assume). (NBC News)

Fox News fired all the journalists that were left, including particularly the guy who oversaw the data desk that made the Election Night call that Biden had won. Obviously, just because he was right doesn't make it not unforgivable. (Daily Beast)

Why is Sean Hannity? "Sean Hannity Attacks President Biden for Not Having Coronavirus Under Control." — Media Matters

Qooks Sad. I would be sad for them, because of how I am MADE of mirror neurons, except for the part where they are sad because they didn't get their mass executions of media, Democrats, and noted communist Mike Pence. (NBC News)

Before we all get our memories erased, David Corn would like to lay out clearly for you what exactly the Russia "hoax" was (not a hoax). — Mother Jones

And Susan Glasser would like to remind you of all of it. (New Yorker)

I ... what, Washington Post?

From 2017 to 2019, government records show, Trump family members took more than 4,500 trips that required Secret Service to travel alongside them, costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.

A thousand trips a year? Three ... a day? I remember when they almost burned down the White House (HYPERBOLE) because President Barack Obama took his wife to dinner for Valentine's Day. (By the way that last link is FULL of RACISM, so trigger warning for MY GOD.)

Speaking of which! White women's role in white supremacy, Vox-splained.

Also speaking of which, learn a thing about the original "Patriots Party," which was white Appalachian allies of the Black Panthers! (LibCom.org)

Ex Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, eight others charged for poisoning Flint. — PBS

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God bless us every one.

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