Celebs Who Farted On Live TV. Tabs, Thurs., June 4, 2020



And here are new unidentified secret police. (Mother Jones)

America's Protests Won't Stop Until Police Brutality Does. Not bad, New York Times.

Tom Cotton says send in the troops. That is ... very bad, New York Times! You know, you don't have to print it just because he asks.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti cutting a cool hundred mill or more from the LAPD to put into community orgs instead. (Deadline)

Do you like crying?

The inimitable fashion critic Robin Givhan takes on Trump's Bible photo op ... and Ivanka's purse. (Washington Post)

These videos — (black) people getting arrested for speaking to or near cops — are fucking beyond. — Slate

More than half the country thinks burning down police stations at least partly justified. The country's changing, cops. Change with it. — Newsweek

How New York state shields cops from scrutiny. (Gothamist)

Rand Paul is holding up Rep. Bobby Rush's anti-lynching bill because he thinks it would apply to bruises. Yes, I'm sure that's why. (Washington Post)

Weird huh?

Goodbye, Philly statue of ol' racist Frank Rizzo! Goodbye! (Daily Beast)

Bye bye fucking Robert E. Lee. (AP)

Biden has changed, for the better. — Franklin Foer at Slate

Old tab! Does Biden have a Gen X problem? Probably not anymore, but yes, Gen X men are the most Republican cohort. Blech, Gen X men, stop it. — RealClearPolitics

Oh hi appropriate.

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - Special Version www.youtube.com

How Germany is spending less on unemployment and yet not dicking its people! (ProPublica)

A quarter of the workers at Tyson's Sioux Falls City plant have the rona. (Sioux City Journal)

Coronavirus? In Sweden? Oh yeah, their bad. Sort of. Maybe. Wouldn't do much different though! Oh well. — BBC

Trump and Kush tried to get the National Enquirer to push the Joe Scarborough Murder Hour, and even National Enquirer was all LOL. — Daily Beast

12 of the most haunted places in America. Sure, why not. (Great Big Story)

Yes, Travel and Leisure, I will look at the world's 100 most beautiful hotels.

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