15 Things That Definitely Won't Cure Coronavirus. Tabs, Thurs., March 12, 2020

15 Things That Definitely Won't Cure Coronavirus. Tabs, Thurs., March 12, 2020


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are sick in Australia. (Deadline)

Science is pisssssed.

"Do me a favor, speed it up, speed it up." This is what U.S. President Donald Trump told the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference, recounting what he said to pharmaceutical executives about the progress toward a vaccine for severe acute respiratory syndrome–coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Are we ready to triage who gets medical care? I mean more than we do now. (StatNews)

Yesterday Trump said coronavirus came out of nowhere four weeks ago, from China like things do, and nobody expected it. Here is Elizabeth Warren's FIRST coronavirus plan. (The second plan covered both treatment and the economic fallout.) It is from seven and a half weeks ago, but who's counting.

Senate GOP blocks emergency paid sick leave. — Yahoo

The National Review says Trump is fucking up coronavirus. No, not fucking it up like beating it up. Fucking it up like letting us all die. And that was before his bizarre speech that Maggie Haberman says Jared Kushner wrote with Stephen Miller.

There is a leadership vacuum on coronavirus. Let's listen to experts, then fill it. — Charlie Warzel at the New York TimesNew York Times

Trump is still, now, trying to cut the Centers for Disease Control's budget. Still. Now. (The Hill)

CMS and HHS are fighting and have been for years, because they are both led by horrible inept sycophants and turf-warriors, who haaaaate each other. This is who's running our pandemic response, or "pandemic" "response." (Politico)

A Judd Legum splainer from a couple weeks ago on John Bolton firing the pandemic response team and eliminating the positions. — Popular.info

Fuck it, Jack Shafer, sounds as good as anything else honestly: Make Mike Pence the New White House Press Secretary. "He was calm. He was direct. He was polite in face of shouted, competing questions. He deferred to the medical and policy professionals on the dais with him. He even used the press secretaries' favorite cliché, "Let me be sure to get you an answer to that[.]"

How to Support Prison Abolition While Hoping Harvey Weinstein Rots in Prison for the Rest of His Days ... which now we know he will, sad. (Reductress)

Bernie will win in the end because AOC is the future. — Elizabeth Spiers writes at Daily Beast

I just remembered Joe Biden is fine. Alexandra Petri rides again at Washington Post

Progressives can get a lot from Joe Biden. Don't despair! says Jamelle Bouie at the NYT.

I know. It's really really really hard not to.

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