Possibly The Greatest Bathroom Signs Of All Time! Tabs, Thurs., March 17, 2022

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Roger Marshall, senator of Kansas, giving the Freedom Trucker Convoy Good Old Boy Groovy Sunshine Yeehaw Band tours of the Capitol, even as those same fellas are explaining they want to "hang politicians." That seems unwise! (Politico / Daily Beast)

Oh, were we all somehow under the impression we already loathed Kyrsten Sinema as much as we ever could? Axios invites us to think again!

In the spring of 2021, "she became the first-ever lawmaker to argue with White House aides when they asked her to wear a face mask in the company of the president, repeatedly asking why that was necessary when she had been vaccinated."

And then there's more. She's "anti-tax and anti-government," she told GOP lobbyists, as well as defending Kevin McCarthy and insurrection apologist Andy Biggs while shitting on Joe Biden :)

Excess deaths by state, 2021:


Here's a nice, it's new (non-ACTING) OMB Director Shalanda Young! It sounds like ND Sen. Kevin Cramer is in loooooove with her! (The Grio)

"Ms [Brittney] Griner's counterparts in the men's league make more than 200 times the maximum WNBA salary." Which is not the main point of her monthlong Russian detention, but is still a point that we all now know about. — BBC

Just William Hurt (RIP or whatever) being "passionate" and a great sex life haver when he constantly beat Marlee Matlin and violently raped her too, and it's not right of you to have invaded his privacy just because the mother of his child took him to court, saying he beat her too. This story's a punch. (Daily Beast)

Sarah Bloom Raskin may be going, but she is not goooooing.

“This is not a novel or radical position,” Bloom Raskin says in her letter. “The Department of Defense has been systematically analyzing the energy security risks of climate change for years, developing mitigation strategies to confront them. Banks and insurance companies incorporate financial aspects of extreme weather events into their plans. Farmers, ranchers and businesses across the country already are struggling to adapt to extreme floods, hurricanes, rising sea levels and wildfires. Central banks around the world have already begun acting on these issues. Chairman Powell has recognized climate change as a significant risk that needs to be incorporated into the supervisory process. Any vice chair for supervision who ignored these realities—which are manifesting every day across this country—would be guilty of gross dereliction of duty.”

New Yorker


Hot Yoga Tallahassee: It's not the greatest new craze, it's a snappily titled case study of deadly incel and misogynistic extremist violence, put out by the Secret Service. And as we all know, and now the Secret Service does too, big splashy attacks are often preceded by years of groping, harassment, abuse, stalking, white supremacy, and other antisocial behaviors a lot of judges and cops could give a fuck about. This whole "case study" is gruesome, and if you ever read Elliot Rodger's manifesto (I did, for work), you'll recognize the overwhelming need to take a shower.

If anything, it just makes too much sense!

QAnon followers are boosting an unhinged new conspiracy theory that claims former President Donald Trump was purposely mispronouncing the word “China” for years, as part of a secret plot to alert the world that COVID-19 was manufactured in Ukraine.


Robert Costello, lawyer for the chucklefucks and Giuliani and Michael Cohen if I am remembering correctly, is now representing Steve Bannon in his contempt of Congress matter, where he is lying about Trump invoking executive privilege for the man who was in no wise an executive employee during the Capitol Riots, having been shitcanned some years before, and the DOJ pulled some weird extremely overbroad search of the attorney's communication because Deep State gonna Deep State, sigh, motherfucks. (Liz at Above the Law)

This is not the pastor from Dok's story yestertoday, this is an entirely different "pastor" (lunatic) threatening lawyers and judges and newspaper reporters and police in Idaho and hiding a child because the family court system is "child trafficking," and the legal system is rape and vaccines are bioweapons and some other Sov Cit stuff, although he also is associated with the Bundys, which is an interesting coincidence. — Eastern Idaho News / More

Oh look a present!


A Christian white Trump ethnostate, and it's where I liiiiiive? Huggy heart emoticon! Let's all die.

Now I'm just mad. You get a bionic eye, and the company decides to BK like a common Trump and stop tech support on your eye, which is now bricked. You got a bricked bionic eye. That's some bullshits. (Futurism)

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