32 Photobombs That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud! Tabs, Thurs., Oct. 15, 2020

32 Photobombs That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud! Tabs, Thurs., Oct. 15, 2020
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador. See the archive at https://giphy.com/channel/antiderpomeme

My mom said I had to go watch Kamala Harris questioning Amy Coney Barrett RIGHT NOW because she was ELECTRIFYING. So I went on twitter and searched "kamala" and all that came up was rightwing buuuuttttthuuuuurtttt about what a bitch whore she is, so I guess my mom was right! (Kamala Harris on CSpan)

Amy Coney Barrett Is Not A Christian. — Charles Mudede at The Stranger

Rudy Giuliani's hilarious weird "Hunter Biden laptop" guy talked to a bunch of reporters about a bunch of crazy shit. — Daily Beast. Mere hours later, they report the president's been pushing for the story, and all the metadata seems awfully fake. (DB again)

LOLLL all the "Hunter Biden laptop" hilarious red flags. (Talking Points Memo)

The Daily Beast translates what the fuck is going on here from the original Rudy.

So dumb. Republicans CRY WAAAH that Facebook won't let their dumb fake Hunter Biden scoop run amok on its platform. Biden says the supposed meeting from the dumb fake Hunter Biden scoop never happened. — Politico

Stupid Joe Biden ad making me cry shut up fuck you.

Nota bene: We will not be liveblogging tonight's stupid dueling town halls, you are welcome.


No, Rick Hasen, the fake "official" ballot drop boxes the California GOP installed (they say "official" on them!!!) are not even possibly "technically legal," you're usually better than this. — CNN

US deaths this year are almost double other developed countries after adjusting for population. HOAX! (NPR)

Oh my god she's a murderer:

This is how you shut down a coronavirus denier. — SBS News

Hello, incredibly rich and detailed biography of Calvin Coolidge (really!) "Cal" Worthington (and his dog Spot), who just came up in conversation as a wacky commercial pitchman of our childhood and turns out dropped out of school at 13 to go to work in "grinding poverty" in Oklahoma, was a vastly bemedaled WWII pilot who trained astronauts, was the largest richest car dealer in the nation with $316 million in sales in a single year, died in his 90s sad he had to sell cars instead of flying. But too also so much more! (Wik)

Anchorage mayor resigning for sexting with local anchor, man between him and Cal Cunningham this is the quaintest Cocktober I've ever seen. WAIT HOLD UP the story's updated since I last looked at the tab yester-yestertoday, let's go to it:

The rapid downfall of the state's top elected Democrat began on Friday, just after noon, when Maureen "Maria" Athens, an anchor/reporter for stations KTBY and KYUR, posted unsubstantiated allegations against Berkowitz on social media, accusing him of posting inappropriate photos on an "underage girl's website."

The subsequent chain of events included criminal investigations, a death threat against the mayor and his wife, criminal charges against Athens, revelation of the mayor's relationship with her and a city government thrust into uncertainty and controversy as the community remains sharply divided on how to deal with the pandemic at a time when the city has seen a continued surge in new COVID-19 cases.

Well huh. Wait there's more?

She then threatened to "personally" kill Berkowitz and his wife.

"You Jewish piece of living f--king s--t," she said on the voicemail. "You have met your match."

Well I think we've all learned a lesson, and it's "don't stick your dick in QAnon." — ADN

Who needs a drink? Si se puede! (Liquor)

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