Born Into Billions: Kevin Bacon's Wife Is One Of The Richest Heiresses In America! Tabs, Thurs., Oct. 8, 2020

Born Into Billions: Kevin Bacon's Wife Is One Of The Richest Heiresses In America! Tabs, Thurs., Oct. 8, 2020
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This is really good!

This is your president on drugs: "infectious, medicated, and erratic, while working with a depleted staff." — Jeet Heer at The Nation

Alex Azar is desperately seeking scientists to back "herd immunity." (Politico)

Director of the Centers for Disease Control under Carter and Reagan sent the current head of the CDC, Robert Redfield, a letter. It is not a letter you would want to receive. (Letter)

I keep thinking it's Renfield, but it's not.

Coronavirus has set working mothers back a generation. — Jill Filipovic at CNN

Former Trump National Security Advisor HR McMaster said last week Trump was acting like a traitor, "aiding and abetting" Putin, and nobody cared. — David Corn at Mother Jones

A delightful compendium of all Trump's dastardly schemes blowing up in his extremely stupid face! (Washington Post)

A lovely look at a small moment with Jill and Joe Biden on the campaign trail. — Robin Givhan at WaPo

Trump is pulling ads from states he realllllly neeeeeeds, where the money nobody knows! — Buzzfeed

What is Lindsey Graham's "big political miscalculation"? Tell me, CNN! Well, whatever it was, it's a tossup! (Cooks Political Report)


Susan Collins generally keeps an even keel. But she's had it with Sara Gideon.

"She will say or do anything to try to win," Collins said when asked of her opponent during a wide-ranging 30-minute interview in her Capitol quarters last week. "This race is built on a foundation of falsehoods. And trying to convince the people of Maine that somehow I am no longer the same person."

Okeydokey! — Politico

Texas A&M wants to fire a tenured professor for canceling a class to go march for racial justice, because "striking" is against the law for public employees in Texas. "Free speech" idiots silent. (PEN America)

A Texas grand jury has indicted Netflix for lewd depictions of children in Cuties, a movie arguing against the way we sexualize children. Well, the poster really was terrible, go to jail I guess. (Deadline)

WALL frauder Brian Kolfage likes to "make [his enemies] famous," by which we mean harass them, because he's a piece of shit who's banned from Facebook but is allowed to have "fan pages" while banned from Facebook as the angels all dance on the head of this pin. — ProPublica

I can't find a blockquote for this story about DC "sewer servers," who lie about serving eviction notices to people who then never have a chance to fight the evictions, because there's just too damn much to blockquote. See for yourself: Dude got the goods. (DCist)

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