Actors Who Were Drunk While Filming! Tabs, Tues., April 14, 2020

Actors Who Were Drunk While Filming! Tabs, Tues., April 14, 2020

Tabs gifs have been by your friend Martini Ambassador this whole time

GUYS. GUYS. The liberal challenger in Wisconsin beat the WI Supreme Court hack with like five fucking polling places, the Supreme Court of the United States, and an entire coronavirus epidemic tied behind her back. (Rural/Republican polling places remained as plentiful as always.) I never ever ever ever ever saw this coming.

Ever. (Click through to biggen.)

Gavin Newsom, Kate Brown, and Jay Inslee are making their own state compact to decide, with science, when to reopen parts of their states, so Donald Trump can't fuck them up. Montana Governor Steve Bullock can we join them pleeeease pleeeease pleeeeeeeease. (East Coast states are doing the same thing, but I don't live there.) (LA Times)

Meanwhile, in Montana, our Dem gov Bullock just announced additional rent relief — he's already frozen evictions — for families who get aid. (NBC)

God I'm so glad we live in this red state instead of a different red state. Like South Dakota, say, where they have exciting new hotspots because Kristi Noem refused to do jack shit. — WaPo

Well, it's the fucking End Times. Louisiana Republican admits he was wrong about coronavirus and New Orleans mayor was right. (Political Wire)

The New York Times digs into the USS Theodore Roosevelt coronavirus mess.

Speaking of ships! The CDC ordered cruise ships to stop sailing through August. Then the vice president's office was like "whoops disregard!" (USA Today)

Like three companies in this story are continuing to pay their workers. Everybody else is furloughing them (Marriott) while paying dividends to stockholders (Marriott) and doubling its CEO's pay (Marriott). — New York Times

Here's an (I think?) impressive thread on what Chicago is doing to mitigate coronavirus among homeless people. Are other cities doing similar and I haven't heard? Or is everybody else still going with "chalkmarked sleeping spots in a parking lot"?

Just get fat, it's fine. You're fine. — OutsideOnline

It's no interview with Fran Lebowitz, but you could use one of your five New Yorker posts on Jane Mayer's Mitch McConnell profile. (I think it is boring, I'm SORRY.)

Eric Boehlert would like Trump to know: His briefings are dullll. (PressRun)

Eric Boehlert wrote that before yester-today's particularly insano one.

And so on.

Whew, huh?

This by David Atkins at Washington Monthly is excellent. Leftist policy didn't lose; it's only some mildly outdated Marxist electoral theory that did.

Go and vote on some names for colors. It's soothing.

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