How To Convince Your Child To Sit In The Middle Seat On An Airplane. Tabs, Tues., April 18, 2022

How To Convince Your Child To Sit In The Middle Seat On An Airplane. Tabs, Tues., April 18, 2022

The company from Cafe Nordo’s “Down the Rabbit Hole"

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A federal judge has struck down the federal mask mandate for airplanes and other forms of public transportation. I will still wear my mask when flying the big giant petri dish to California later this month. (CNN)

Elie Mystal on why it’s an American travesty that Donald Trump isn’t spending his days busting blocks. (The Nation)

Remembering Jackie Robinson the racial justice activist. (Also The Nation)

What if we tried preventing school shootings instead of turning schools into glorified prisons with metal detectors and active shooter drills? (Mother Jones)

The media should stop using the term “culture wars,” which doesn’t adequately describe the white cis supremacy crusade Republicans are waging. (Washington Post)

Nikole Hannah-Jones agrees. (Twitter)

Parker Malloy examines how opinion journalism became “fake news.” (Dame)

In 2017, the Times hired Bret Stephens away from the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journalto “bring a new perspective to bear on the news.” In his debut column, Stephens argued that the science was not “settled” when it came to climate change. His evidence? Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign was pretty confident, too, and look how that turned out. For real, that’s his argument. Now, of course, Stephens framed his argument with a straw man by presenting his ideological opponents as “claiming total certainty about the science of climate change.” Scientists know better than to make such claims, and I imagine Stephens knows this as well. Predictably, climate scientists hammered Stephens for misrepresenting their work and underselling the threat posed by a warming Earth.

Texas treats its teachers like crap. This is unfortunately not a shock. (Texas Tribune)

Gen Z would prefer to party all night and sleep all day. This old codger hopes they are the first generation to pull this off. (Vox)

Some miserable human beings tortured and killed a dolphin. (NPR)

Oh, there’s nothing like a true Italian sandwich. (The New Yorker)

Where have all the Disney villains gone? The films with more complicated antagonists are compelling, but it’s certainly a blow to drag queen-style Halloween costumes. (The Atlantic)

The delightful Donna Murphy as Mother Gothel is still my jam.

Tangled-Mother knows best

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