This Celebrity Lived On Pie For  A Year In Preparation For Oscar-Winning Role. Tabs, Tues., Aug. 10, 2021

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We’ve waited so long to do anything about climate change that we’re guaranteed a significantly hotter future. This isn’t about paying more to run the AC. People will die. I feel like 1990s me has let down Greta Thunberg. (New York Times)

No, that supposed “gotcha” photo of Senator Rand Paul receiving a Fauci ouchie was actually from 2015 when he received a hepatitis A booster shot. Kentucky’s shame still insists he doesn’t need the COVID-19 vaccine because he’s already recovered from the virus. His position is not supported by facts, data, or even the folded paper you use to hold up a wobbly table. (Newsweek)

Senate Democrats $3.5 trillion budget resolution doesn’t include an increase to the deficit ceiling, so you can expect another pointless political showdown. (CNN)

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster thinks mask mandates in schools make it difficult for kids to learn. Yeah, because teachers really want kids talking constantly. (WLTX)

"Jeopardy!" executive producer Mike Richards was already a less than ideal choice to permanently host the show because he's not LeVar Burton. It also turns out he has a very shady past that he had to assume would come out if he pursued the gig. Men are weird. (The Daily Beast)

Many relationships formed within the pandemic's quarantine bubble struggle to survive on the outside. (The Atlantic)

Yes, some very important decisions have come out of the Supreme Court over the years, but generally speaking, it’s a pretty regressive, conservative institution. That’s what happens when people wear black robes for decades. (The Nation)

The Dallas school district cares more about kids than Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s deranged anti-mask decrees. (Dallas News)

Seattle’s school district doesn’t have to defy Washington Governor Jay Inslee on mask mandates because he’s not an anti-science goober. (Seattle Times)

Grocery stores still have to waste time arguing with assholes who don’t want to wear a mask when they’re breathing all over the fresh produce. (Eater)

Three Washington, DC, cops were suspended when one of the officers involved in an arrest was seen on video using a suspect as a punching bag. (Washington Post)

Beyoncé gives props to Black cowboys and cowgirls. (Essence)

My seven year old's favorite Food Tuber makes eggs Benedict with his mom.

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