35 Tik Tok Vegan Recipes That Would Taste Better With More Meat. Tabs, Tues., Aug. 23, 2022

Dr. Anthony Fauci has set his official exit date. He’s retiring at the end of December. A grateful nation should thank him but this is also a nation with Republicans. (Washington Post)

We should probably prosecute Donald Trump for the complex reason that this is the only way he’ll stop committing crimes. (Substack)

William Saletan’s savage but well-deserved takedown of Nikki Haley’s cowardly Trump appeasement. (The Bulwark)

Finland’s young prime minister Sanna Marin can party all she damn well pleases. (Newsweek)

Trevor Noah breaks down Finland’s “scandals” vs. American scandals. (Twitter)

When a town’s economic survival depends on the imprisonment of other human beings, you can’t help but think that slavery never fully ended. (Los Angeles Times)

Great piece from the talented C. Trent Rosecrans about baseball, Field of Dreams, and family. It’s more than worth the subscription. (The Athletic)

CEO Dan Price might suck as a person but that doesn’t mean paying your employees well is just hypocritical virtue signaling. (New York Times)

George W. Bush gives a Master Class in presidential leadership, particularly during 9/11. No, this is not a joke. Yes, this is some bullshit. (The Daily Beast)

Raising kids is hella expensive. This is what happened once the salt mine industry collapsed. (Wall Street Journal)

Small businesses ars struggling to hire enough people to keep the lights on. (CNN)

Why you should vote for Democrats this November. Obviously, this is choir preaching but still worth your time. (New Republic)

Don’t mock R&B singer Tevin Campbell because he officially came out well into middle age. And definitely don’t go, “Duh, wasn’t it obvious?” Try some empathy. (Billboard)

Author Lisa Tolin noticed that picture books for kids rarely featured funny characters who weren’t male. She decided to fix that. (The Insider)

I neglected to acknowledge Madonna’s birthday last week in Tabs. My apologies.


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