9 New Paperbacks You Won't Be Able To Put Down Because Of All The Glue. Tabs, Tues., Aug. 3, 2021
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Gunther Hashida is the third police officer to take his life after facing off against Donald Trump's mob during the January 6 Capitol attack. President Law and Order will likely never say his name. (The Daily Beast)

Shortly after scheduling this post, Kyle DeFreytag became the fourth officer at the Capitol attack to take his life. Damn. (WUSA)

The eviction moratorium expired Saturday. Amanda Marcotte at Salon explains why that's such a moral failure for the country. (Salon)

Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina has tested positive for COVID-19. His symptoms would be far worse if he wasn't fully vaccinated — a distinction that rightwing media won't make when reporting on his condition. (CNBC)

I'm fair enough to give Graham credit for this tweet. Whatever it takes to improve South Carolina's vaccination rates.

Texas health care company Memorial Hermann gives its 29,000 employees until October 9 to either get their COVID-19 vaccines or get to stepping. It joins Houston Methodist and Baylor College of Medicine in setting vaccine mandates. (Houston Public Media)

Some tips on how to help a friend who's going through a tough time. (NPR)

British diver Tom Daley knits during his down time at the Olympics. There's no joke here. I just want a scarf. (Washington Post)

The National Labor Board suspects that the union election at an Alabama Amazon warehouse might not have been entirely on the up and up. (Bloomberg)

Saturday was Portland, Oregon's 46th consecutive day without measurable rain. I can confirm that it didn't rain Sunday or Monday either. The streak should break Wednesday night. (Oregonian)

Donald Trump has raised $100 million in his ongoing efforts to dismantle democracy. (CNN)

Big-money GOP donors just love House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Jim Jordan, two of the worst people to ... well, no need to elaborate further. (The Nation)

Air travel is moving closer to pre-pandemic highs. Flight delays are also increasing, because the airlines forgot it was summer. (AP)

Many well-off New Yorkers bailed on the city last year and drove up real estate prices upstate. These are their stories. (Curbed)

The national touring production of Wicked opens today in Dallas. Given Texas' COVID-19 numbers, let's hope the musical doesn't also close in Dallas. (The New York Times)

My wife loves Tom Yum soup, and if I were adventurous, I'd make J. Kenji Lopez's recipe and not just order takeout.

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