33 Bridesmaid Gifts That Your Friends Won’t Secretly Return. Tabs, Tues., Aug. 9, 2022

33 Bridesmaid Gifts That Your Friends Won’t Secretly Return. Tabs, Tues., Aug. 9, 2022
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From last month but still very much relevant: The extreme heat we’re experiencing will mean a drastic change to how we construct our physical infrastructure. (Washington Post)

Republican abortion bans are negatively impacting every aspect of women’s health. (Also WaPo)

Josh Marshall explains why despite recent developments, the Senate’s most useless Democrat, Kyrsten Sinema, is still terrible. (Talking Points Memo)

The reaction to WNBA star Brittney Griner’s Russian imprisonment has revealed a lot about who Americans value or, more importantly, are willing to forgive. (Dame)

Does this seem edible to you? (Twitter)

An interesting story about the high rates of breast cancer among orthopedic surgeons. (Mother Jones)

Flight attendants describe airline travel this summer as “unsustainable and shambolic.” (CNN)

Prince William keeps getting booed at sporting events. Boo hoo. (Newsweek)

Jimmy Tobias at the Nation writes: "Maybe you go for a stroll in the woods, maybe your dog runs after that squirrel bolting up an oak tree and then comes back to cuddle. A few days later you find an engorged tick in your armpit.” Yeah, that’s why I don’t fuck around in the woods. (The Nation)

A racist busybody in Seattle demanded that a Black man show her the lease to his house as proof that he actually lived there.

Barnes and his (white) partner moved to Seattle from Texas, where he said he was frequently racially profiled. White people called the cops on him a number of times when he was walking or running through certain neighborhoods, he said, an experience that always made him fearful of possible police interactions.

“I didn’t think I’d have to experience this outside of the South,” Barnes said.

Sorry, brother, but you can find racists everywhere in the US. Texas only has a monopoly on great barbecue and tacos. (Oregonian)

My twitter buddy John goes on a blind date. (Boston Globe)

Still kinda bummed that the canceled the Batgirl movie. C’mon, y’all released multiple sucky versions of Justice League.(Variety)

A German-language version of Hamilton is set to open soon in Hamburg, and my talented cousin Daniel Dodd-Ellis is playing Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson. My German is rusty, but I can’t miss this. (I also hope they play this on eternal repeat for Nazis in hell.)


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