These Cats Were Posing As Dogs For The Attention. Tabs, Tues., Dec. 8, 2020

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Dr. Anthony Fauci agrees that California had "no choice" but to impose another stay-at-home order. (Washington Post)

However, some argue that an “abstinence-only" approach to COVID-19 won't work. Not sure this analogy applies when people refuse to wear masks or otherwise model the resonspible behavior that could've avoided the latest surge in cases. (Los Angeles Times)

Former Republican senator from Alabama, Larry Dixon, died from COVID-19 last week. He was 78 and his last words were "We messed up." (NBC News)

Republicans have invited noted anti-vaxxer Dr. Jane M. Orient, which absolutely is her name, to testify before a Senate committee. Democrats think this is dumb and reckless, which is probably why Republicans are doing it. (The New York Times)

Joe Biden crushed Donald Trump in the suburbs, because the suburbs are no longer a "Leave It To Beaver" rerun. (They arguably never were.) (The New York Times)

Breakdancing is now an official Olympic sport. And you thought this year was a total flop. (Seattle Times)

Eating spicy chili peppers might greatly improve your health. If so, I promise my wife not to remarry once I've outlived her. (The Oregonian)

Hey, the First Runner Up Lady's fancy new tennis pavilion is all ready for the Bidens to enjoy.

The congressional race between Republican Claudia Tenney and Democratic incumbent Anthony Brindisi remains uncalled and is headed to court. (Wall Street Journal)

Rashida Jones (no, not the actor) will become the first Black executive to run a major cable news network when she takes over at MSNBC. (NBC News)

Democrat Christy Smith just lost her second-straight race against Republican incumbent Mike Garcia. This was once the seat former House Rep. Katie Hill flipped. Oh well. Smith is already planning another rematch. Enough, already. This would be adorable in a movie starring Reese Witherspoon, but Democrats have a razor-thin majority and we need closers only now. (Santa Clarita Valley Signal)

Britain's 11-month transition period to leave the European Union ends on New Year's Eve, and no real progress has been made. Blimey. (Reuters)

A judge tossed out Sidney Powell's crackpipe lawsuit trying to invalidate the Georgia presidential race, which Biden won good and hard. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Native Americans, Latinx people, and women in general are still underrepresented on TV. (NPR)

Let's take a moment to remember the revolutionary life of Michael Shreves, known to St. Louis audiences as drag performer Michelle McCausland. Shreves, 61, died on November 28 from COVID-19. (St. Louis Public Radio)

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