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Unemployment rates aren’t expected to return to pre-pandemic levels for the remainder of this decade, which kinda just started, so that’s a bummer. (Washington Post)

A year of remote work might permanently change where people choose to work. Economist David Autor tells the Atlantic:

The most important outcome of the pandemic wasn't that it taught you how to use Zoom, but rather that it forced everybody else to use Zoom. We all leapfrogged over the coordination problem at the exact same time. Meetings, business lunches, work trips—all these things will still happen in the after world. But nobody will forget the lesson we were all just forced to learn: Telecommunications doesn't have to be the perfect substitute for in-person meetings, as long as it's mostly good enough. For the most part, remote work just works.

Zillow searches for homes in Boise, Idaho, Phoenix, and Atlanta have increased the most among residents of coastal elite cities such as Los Angeles and New York. The Blue Invasion commences!

The winter storm burying the northeast with snow reminds us why working from home is awesome, and the upside of remote schooling is also that kids don't escape class when the weather's bad. Suck it, young people! (CNN)

New York City’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout has some alarming racial discrepancies. Don’t worry, Bill DeBlasio’s on it. (New York Times)

Would’ve been nice to gain a Black woman vice president without losing the only Black woman in the Senate. We probably should’ve had more than one — radical, I know. (NPR)

The American Civil Liberties Union has elected NYU law professor and Yale Law School graduate Deborah Archer as its next president. She is the first Black president in the organization’s 101-year history, during which time Black women existed. (AP)

One of President Joe Biden’s executive orders will expand homeless programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. But at the cost of unity with Republicans! We’ll get over it. (The Mercury News)

Republican state senators in Georgia want to end no-excuse absentee voting, automatic voter registration, and ballot drop boxes. They hate democracy but can they interest you in lax gun laws? (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Tennessee lawmakers are dying to get teachers and students back into schools where they can actually die. Please just wait for the vaccine to do its job. (The Nation)

"How Chuck Schumer Got His Groove Back As Senate Majority Leader” is not the title of this Politico article.

An Oregon ballot measure took effect Monday that prohibits the police from arresting someone for possession of small amounts of heroin, methamphetamine, LSD, oxycodone and other drugs. I’ll let white folks test that out. (The Oregonian)

I’m wishing a speedy recovery for the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who was hospitalized Sunday. (Greenville News)

The wonderful Tony Bennett has lived with Alzheimer’s for the past few years, which sucks, but he’s also worked on an album of duets with Lady Gaga. I look forward to listening. (Variety)

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