We Finally Know Why This Actress You Sort Of Remember Disappeared From Your TV! Tabs, Tues., Feb. 4, 2020

We Finally Know Why This Actress You Sort Of Remember Disappeared From Your TV! Tabs, Tues., Feb. 4, 2020

Will there be Iowa caucus reports? There will! Are there at 1:30 a.m. while I'm tabbing? There aren't! But BOY is the (Republican) secretary of state PIIIISSSSED at Judicial Watch for just stone cold making up vote fraud numbers from thin air. Which is a tab I put in here four hours ago before we knew about clusterfuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!

Vanity Fair: With Acquittal Certain, Trump Plans Payback on Bolton, Impeachment Enemies. Go cry about how Adam Schiff was lying about heads on pikes, GOP crocodiles.

Well this is a good idea, I will hold my breath! Citing Trump Interference, Wyden Asks Barr to Recuse From Halkbank Case

Jeff Bezos's girlfriend's brother, Michael Sanchez, is suing him. That's fun! (NYT)

Medicare rule changes as of Jan. 1 are fucking over homebound people. That is not fun. (Kaiser)

We're big fans of the Washington Post, obvs, but it is not treating reporters awesomely. (Daily Beast)

In addition, AHEM:

Women in the Post newsroom are collectively paid less than men, according to the union's report, which examined salaries among about 500 members in the newsroom. The salaried men in the newsroom earn a median of $116,065 a year. The median for women is $95,595. The gap is widest for staffers under 40: Young men earn $95,890 compared to $84,030 for women. The report used age as a proxy for experience, which it did not expressly track.
Men also receive a higher percentage of merit-based pay raises. The union found a racial pay gap as well: The median pay for women of color is $30,000 less than it is for white men.

The Post denies. (HuffPo)

New travel ban tips us off: Trump is coming for all brown people, even citizens. (Black Girl in Maine)

LA Democrats killed California's housing bill that would have forced zoning to allow fourplexes -- HEAVEN FORFEND -- because "local control." -- LA Times

In a fifth marriage for each, Pamela Anderson, Jon Peters got married two weeks ago. Mazel tov! They are now doing Not That. (LAT)

A lovely partial profile of Ayanna Pressley, showing her working to get support for Elizabeth Warren in South Carolina. -- Politico

RACISTS at WORLDNETDAILY????? (RightWingWatch)

Navy SEALs commander who tried his balls off to have some kind of consequences for war crimer Eddie Gallagher will be leaving his post a year early, surprise. -- Intercept

I read "1 Tbs of butter" as "1 lb of butter." That would be terrible! From yesterday's tabs comments, it's beet and turnip gratin yum.

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