We should still hold Republican senators accountable for not removing Donald Trump from office when they had the chance, but there's also evidence that a President Mike Pence would've also screwed up the COVID-19 response. There was a lot of stupid in that ticket. Whenever Pence has opened his mouth about the coronavirus, he's been wrong with the notable exceptions when he's just lying. (The Washington Post)

So, there's this headline.

New York Times

Attending a political convention is not worth the “risk" of a stubbed toe. This ain't "Star Trek," assholes. You're not charting the stars. You're nominating a sociopath for president ... again. (The New York Times)

Palm Beach County, Florida, children are "showing long-term lung damage from COVID-19." This is horrifying, and Gov. Ron DeSantis has failed his office. (Palm Beach Post)

And for God's sake, don't take your kids to Disney World. (Wall Street Journal)

Joe Biden no longer talks about a GOP “epiphany" once Trump is gone. He now thinks it “remains to be seen" if Republicans will stop sucking so much when they're in the minority. I won't hold my breath. (NBC News)

A new poll has Biden up five points over Trump in Texas -- no, not just the city of Austin but the whole fucking state. (Dallas Morning News)

This is why I wish I had Barack Obama's time machine and could persuade Beto O'Rourke to take another shot at the Senate instead of running for president. Perhaps with Uncle Joe's coattails, he could've won, and John Cornyn deserves to be known as the guy who lost to the guy who lost to Ted Cruz.

Cruz was spotted on an American Airlines flight with his gross face hanging out. (CBS News)

Will Jeff Sessions lose his Alabama Senate runoff today. God, I hope so. (NPR)

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan plans to remove $76 million from the police department's budget for 2021. Sweet. (Seattle Times)

Gov. Kate Brown is rolling back Oregon's reopening. We were getting the coronavirus under control, but a growing number of cases were linked to "exercise classes, fraternities, and bachelor or bachelorette parties." Half of the new cases were people under 40 years old, and cases are now expected to triple within the next six weeks. Thanks, dummies. Brown will require that masks be worn outdoors if social distancing isn't possible. She's also limiting indoor social gatherings to no more than 10 people, like God intended. (Oregonian)

Gov. Gavin Newsom has shut down most of California again after cases had surged: No bars, no dine-in restaurants, no gyms, not a single luxury! He's also shut down churches, and now conservatives think he hates Jesus and loves riots. (LA Times)

Three Arizona teachers shared a classroom this summer. They all caught COVID-19, and one of them died. No one should listen to Trump or Betsy DeVos regarding the safety of students and teachers this fall. (CNN)

Trump is helping his rich donor buddy screw his employees at a chicken processing plant. This story is repulsive but also very much in character for our POS POTUS. (The New Yorker)

Angela Davis says vote for Joe Biden. What does your dumb ass know that she doesn't?

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