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When California reopened last month, it instituted a statewide honor system in which unvaccinated people would wear a mask indoors. That was adorable. Los Angeles County officials now worry that the very same people who refuse to get vaccinated because of what they saw on Tucker Carlson also aren’t wearing masks indoors because of what they saw on Tucker Carlson. (Los Angeles Times)

Despite a surge in cases, the UK has lifted its COVID-19 restrictions. Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged the public to “please, please, please let me get what I want be cautious.” (Reuters)

Here’s some live footage of people in London being cautious.

Senate Democrats took the fight for voting rights to Georgia. Of course, I mean Senate Democrats like Amy Klobuchar and Raphael Warnock and not the one-term wonder Kyrsten Sinema. (Washington Post)

Joy Reid called out Sinema for tweeting some self-serving claptrap about the late Rep. John Lewis on the anniversary of his death. (Newsweek)

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof is considering running for governor in Oregon after Kate Brown is term-limited out of office. He lives near Yamhill on an apple and grape vineyard in Willamette Valley called Kristof Farms. If he won, he’d probably just let the loser stay in the governor’s mansion in Salem and just telecommute. Never leave a vineyard unless your life depends on it. (New York Times)

A federal judge upholds Indiana University's requirement that students are vaccinated against COVID-19 before they can make the mistake of attending Indiana University. (CNN)

Republicans tend to have a regressive, outdated view of remote work. This is our surprised face. (Vox)

More Oregonians are getting into the idea of a divided state. Alas, Dok and I will still end up in rival territories, West Side Story style. (Oregonian)

Last June’s brutal heat wave had a gruesome impact on shellfish in the Pacific Northwest.

When temperatures climbed above 100 degrees across the Pacific Northwest in late June, some researchers estimated that around 1 billion sea creatures perished along the Salish Sea coastline, with many mussels, clams, and oysters split open and cooked right on the shore.

There were also more reported cases of South Pole samba from people who ate raw shellfish during this period. (Eater)

Kali Holloway on the big white lie of a collective "racial reckoning.” (The Nation)

Denver TV station KUSA 9News let go three Latina journalists for reasons of escalating grossness. (NPR)

Caitlyn Jenner is pausing her ridiculous campaign for California governor so she can go film Celebrity Big Brother in Australia, where there’s presumably no homeless people to annoy her. (Vanity Fair)

What I miss most about Seattle was its proximity to Vancouver and Victoria, so I'm pleased to hear that Canada will allow vaccinated US citizens into the country starting August 9. (Seattle Times)

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