Why TV Show Friends Only Hang Out In Even-Numbered Groups. Tabs, Tues., June 15, 2021
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The New York Times has an in-depth report on how Republicans don't think democracy is in peril from what Republicans are actively doing. Wow! Guess we were worried for nothing. (The New York Times)

It's about 100 degrees in Texas, and ERCOT is already advising residents to conserve electricity, as severe weather could result in another blackout. (Texas Tribune)

Where should Senator Ted Cruz vacation after he bails on Texas once the AC goes out? He could return to his native Calgary once Canada re-opens its borders to vaccinated Americans. It's on the top of my list ... when I'm sure Cruz isn't there. You don't want to bump into that asshole.

Coronavirus infection rates are dropping where people are getting vaccinated and rising where people are idiots. Science is weird that way. (Washington Post)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is delaying the next phase of England's reopening because of the COVID-19 variant. Get vaccinated. (AP)

Dr. Kavita Patel explains why the COVID-19 variants pose a huge risk if Americans don't get vaccinated. So, seriously, get vaccinated. (The Economist)

People have been showing their asses (and even worse, their unmasked faces) on airplanes this year. (CNN)

A computer chip shortage is the latest hit against the struggling restaurant industry. (Seattle Times)

Peter Nicholas at The Atlantic remains optimistic that Joe Biden might get to nominate some Supreme Court justices. (The Atlantic)

I have some thoughts about Joe Rogan. (AV Club)

Here's the story of how Pacific Northwest coffee became so much better than the swill you're drinking. (Eater)

This is an informative history of Latinos in Hollywood. From the jump, we learn that before D.W. Griffith was racist to Blacks with Birth of a Nation, he was racist to Latinos with 1908's The Greaser's Gauntlet. At least, the title Birth of Nation does not include a racial slur. (L.A. Times)

Apparently, DC Comics' official position is that Batman doesn't give head. I just report the news, folks. (Variety)

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