The Best Heat-Related Hallucinations To Help You Cool Down! Tabs, Tues., June 22, 2021
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The Democratic primary for New York City mayor finally ends Tuesday, and Andrew Yang is making his final pitch to voters while traveling across New York City in a van called the "Yangatron." I don't know why, either. (New York Times)

Some of the Democratic candidates for NYC mayor have kissed so much cop ass that you'd almost forget there are actual Republicans running. One of the GOP hopefuls is Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels. (CNN)

An improving labor market (thanks, Joe Biden!) has workers fleeing retail jobs they never liked in the first place. Aislinn Potts of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, who gave her notice at a national pet chain, put it succinctly: "My life isn't worth a dead-end job." (Washington Post)

Meanwhile, Rep. Jim Jordan doesn't know how the economy works.

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the NCAA can't limit some education-related aid for student athletes. Justice Bret Kavanaugh, who still sucks, further stated the "NCAA and its member colleges are suppressing the pay of student athletes who collectively generate billions of dollars in revenues for colleges every year. Those enormous sums of money flow to seemingly everyone except for student athletes." Yeah, that's messed up and needs to end. (ESPN)

The FBI admits that Donald Trump supporters were openly discussing bringing weapons to the Capitol on January 6 and starting a “revolution." It's as if they were determined to strike in the US. (NBC News)

Political scholar Daniel Drezner claims the GOP has begun to resemble Lebanon's Hezbollah, "a political party that also has an armed wing to coerce other political actors through violence." If that seems fantastic, why don't we instead just admit that the GOP already resembles the white supremacist political factions that emerged during Reconstruction. By the way, they won. (LA Times)

The New York Post, which cares SO MUCH about systemic racism, reveals that Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse belongs to an allegedly all-white Rhode Island beach club. I'm not sure you can keep the name "Sheldon Whitehouse" without a corresponding membership in an all-white social club. It's in the Constitution. (New York Post)

David Frum examines why reporters are willingly friendly with a crawling piece of slime like Tucker Carlson. (The Atlantic)

Should the undead run like the wind or lurch like the breeze? James McMahon on the science of zombies. (The Guardian)

The Foo Fighters performed for a full-capacity, fully vaccinated audience at Madison Square Garden on Sunday. Comedian Dave Chappelle made a special appearance. The world is returning to whatever once passed for normal. (Rolling Stone)

Pharrell Williams and activist Opal Lee discuss Juneteenth. (Variety)

Seattle will possibly see 90 degree highs this week. It's June. It's supposed to be rainy, cool, and dreary. Climate change is no joke. (Seattle Times)

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