Think Twice About Getting The Spicy Tuna Roll At That Roadside Diner. Tabs, Tues., June 29, 2021
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This heat wave hasn't spared Canada, either, where temperatures reached highs of 114 degrees, and that's not below zero. (The Washington Post)

Seattle reached 100 degrees Monday by 11 a.m. This was the city's third-consecutive day of 100-degree-plus weather. (Seattle Times)

Portland, Oregon's 112-degree high on Sunday broke records not just at home but in New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Great, now the alligators might move here to retire. (Willamette Week)

Here's a list of Portland restaurants that are closed because it's a health risk to work for hours over a hot stove when it's 110 degrees outside. This probably isn't a paid vacation, either. This heat wave sucks. (Eater)

This is a great profile of Levar Burton, who is the Federation's choice to replace Alex Trebek as “Jeopardy!" host. (The New York Times)

Remember when Pete Buttigieg geeked out with Burton and Sir Patrick Stewart on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"?

Ivanka Trump might've been guilty of just a teensy, little fibette during her deposition in the Trump inauguration scandal lawsuit. (Mother Jones)

Amanda Carpenter doesn't let us forget how former Attorney General Bill Barr spent the summer of 2020 sowing the seeds for what would become the Big Lie. (The Bulwark)

Hammer thrower Gwen Berry turned away from the flag on the US Olympics trials podium, and conservatives, who spend all day on Twitter, are pissed. Rep. Dan Crenshaw blamed "critical race theory," because a Black person needs to take a graduate-level legal course to realize America's racist. (CNN)

Gun-toting St. Louis couple Mark and Patricia McCloskey held a sad little minor league MAGA rally in service of Mark's Missouri Senate campaign. They even cosplayed as themselves. Seriously, they showed up wearing those hideous outfits they had on last year when they waved their guns at aggressive pedestrians. (Riverfront Times)

Californians moved to Austin, Texas, which led to housing bidding wars, gentrification, and displacement — just like when Californians moved to Portland, Oregon, and Seattle. Still, I can't stay mad at Cali. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Elie Mystal on “Joe Biden and the Age of Blaxhaustion." (The Nation)

The For the People Act, which would nullify many state laws aimed at suppressing the Black vote, and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act are stalled in the Senate because a few Democrats lack the courage to do what's necessary to bring them to Biden's desk. So too is the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, a bare minimum attempt to ban some forms of police brutality. Biden cannot deliver on some of his legislative promises as long as Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, and various whites-only "problem solvers" caucuses refuse to tear down the policies of white supremacy.

Check out these queer stories from the perspective of Black women photographers. (NPR)

If you're craving watermelon right now, here are some best practices for cutting the sacred summer fruit. (Serious Eats)

Ooh, J. Kenji López-Alt makes a watermelon, arugula, and feta salad!

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