When Soviet Assassins Came After John Wayne, He Apparently Knew Exactly What To Do. Tabs, Tues., June 9, 2020

When Soviet Assassins Came After John Wayne, He Apparently Knew Exactly What To Do. Tabs, Tues., June 9, 2020
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Come in, come in, see what Rebecca's browser is drowning in today!

Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow (wonkette kickback link), on what we must do — racial justice, economic justice, defund the goddamn police — to save our democracy. (New York Times)

Amanda Marcotte theorizes why it's Black Lives Matter that is resounding among all the other anti-Trump protests — and, she says, it is anti-Trump even though police abuse obviously predates him by centuries. (Salon)

2012 Is Bullshit: 2020 Is When We'll Really Be in Trouble. Vice writer stole Barack Obama's time machine, OLD TAB.

I learned the impact of prolonged stress from my foster child. I mean, not me, this lady in the Washington Post.

Liz Warren and Jeff Merkley propose an Angie's List of BAD COPS DO NOT HIRE. — Business Insider


Hello, The Atlantic. Should we Defund the Police?

As a general point, the United States has an extreme budget commitment to prisons, guns, warplanes, armored vehicles, detention facilities, courts, jails, drones, and patrols—to law and order, meted out discriminately. It has an equally extreme budget commitment to food support, aid for teenage parents, help for the homeless, child care for working families, safe housing, and so on. It feeds the former and starves the latter.

The Atlantic

You. In the comments. Of course I see you. Now stop your sobbing.

Why Camden, NJ, murder capital of the country, disbanded its police force. OLD TAB, Governing.com

Videos show cops slashing tires at protests in Minneapolis. (Mother Jones)

If you're making fun of Nancy and the gang for their optics-only kente cloth kneeling sesh, this is the bill they introduced right after. It's important, partic banning no-knock warrants. (NBC News)

Native Americans want to be included in race talks. (AP in the Salt Lake Tribune)

Henrietta Duterte, the black female undertaker who smuggled people in coffins for the Underground Railroad. — Damn Joan

Gabriel Sherman with the hot goss: Trump blames Kushner for his own terrrrrrrible polls, maybe will fire him, sure why not. — Vanity Fair

Speaking of Trump's polls, have you seen this hilarious memo to Trump from McLaughlin and Associates, bravely taking up the Trump standard to splain why CNN polls is fAkE nEwS? He "retained" them himself!

LOL yes sir, we have read analysis for ourself.

The latest skewed media polls must be intentional. It's clear that NBC, ABC and CNN who have Democrat operatives like Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulos and other Democrats in their news operations are consistently under-polling Republicans and therefore, reporting biased polls. [...]

Also, it was done between June 2nd and 5th, before the great economic news from last Friday. In their questionnaire between asking about your job approval and the ballot, they had questions on issues including race relations, not job creation, which could have biased the poll further.

They asked about race? That can't be legal! Have they not even heard of the Rev. King's Dream? (Hilarious memo)

THE NINE HEALTHIEST TYPES OF CHEESE. Guessing spread across 81 pages. Oh, just 28. You know what, fuck them. They are: Mozzarella, blue cheese, feta, cottage, ricotta, parmesan, Swiss, cheddar, goat. How dare they take 28 slides for that, don't click. (Healthline)

Did somebody say something about REAR WINDOW? Look at this "pandemic" reboot starring one EVAN HURST oh my gosh and then the murders began.(AmuricaPhoto)

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