Can Your Spouse’s Sushi Preferences Reveal If They’re Cheating On You? Tabs, Tues., March 30, 2021
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That big container ship that blocked the Suez Canal is finally free. This incident cost billions of dollars but it all brought us closer together. (Associated Press)

Looks like 90 percent of adult Americans will be eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine by April 19. That's what a real president will get you. (Bloomberg)

However, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, warns of “impending doom” from a fourth COVID-19 wave if people don’t start acting like they’ve got some sense. President Joe Biden also called on governors and mayors to reinstate or maintain mask mandates. We’re so close to being in the same room with our loved ones again and resenting them! (New York Times)

There are at least three reasons for Michigan's current COVID-19 surge, and none of them are good. (Bridge Michigan)

People are considering boycotting Delta Airlines because of Georgia's voter suppression laws. Also, Delta sucks. (Washington Post)

Derek Chauvin's attorney claimed his client behaved exactly according to his training when he killed George Floyd last May. Police are big believers in the Nuremberg defense. (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

Ghislaine Maxwell is facing new charges for helping groom a minor victim for dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Remember when the former White House squatter sent his warmest regards to Maxwell during a press conference? Garbage knows garbage (The Guardian)

Defendants accused in the January 6 Capitol siege are trying to get around tech firm crackdowns and raise money for their legal fees online. When the intern who worked on this story tweeted out the link, grown men who should know better attacked her online. (USA Today)

Senate Democrats will see if they can use reconciliation twice more this year so they can pass Biden's infrastructure bills without having to give Susan Collins a foot massage. (CNN)

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, says the NRA can’t stop sensible gun legislation this time. Like Fox Mulder, I want to believe. (The Nation)

This story about the filibuster’s history includes of an image of Jimmy Stewart from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, which was not a documentary. If this is your one good filibuster example, maybe you should rethink the procedural rule. (Please don’t go nuts about this in the comments. I’m just kidding.) (NPR)

It won't change bigots' minds, but please read this op-ed from soccer champ and Olympic gold medalist Megan Rapinoe defending transgender children who want to participate in sports. (Washington Post)

Someone tried to kill a sequoia tree in my Portland neighborhood. The tree had always been nice to me. (Oregonian)

Monday's Tabs gif reminded me of my favorite Deee-Lite song from World Clique.

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