Khloe TP’ing Kourtney’s House Amid A Toilet Paper Shortage Is A New Kardashian Low. Tabs, Tues., May 12, 2020


This nurse has been sick sick for eight weeks now. It sounds NOT AWESOME. (Washington Post)

All the red states are trying to throw everyone off unemployment. This by Pennsylvania Dem Gov Tom Wolf is important.

I am told this "60 Minutes" segment on cutting funding for coronavirus research is not totally useless like "60 Minutes" has been for a while.

The olds are not liking this whippersnapper Trump trying to kill them. (New York Times)

Trump is not liking all these whippersnapper White House aides positive for coronavirus trying to kill him. (NYT)

Also women. Hates women. Surprise.

What a fucking weirdo.

Cops know who is refusing to social distance, and it is all the black people and only people they are arresting! — ProPublica

The New York Times has noticed the same thing, except this time of the 40 people arrested for social distancing violations, there was a white person. Yes, one. (NYT)

The coronavirus was an emergency until Trump found out who was dying. — Adam Serwer in The Atlantic

Lady with a half million dollar gofundme for breaking the law also got $18,000 in PPP loans but that didn't stop her because she didn't wanna.

Meanwhile, American breadlines. Pictures in Vox.

The Alison Roman/Chrissy Teigen food fight explained? Sure Vox, I'll bite.

A day in the life of a grocery store. (LA Times)

The Rude Pundit would like some people to go fuck themselves.

I don't even hate most of the people in this New York Times story about people who flew to beautiful places to quarantine — except the writer, who went from a crowded R train in New York City to an airplane to an island without a hospital? That is shockingly selfish AND dumb!

Georgia found a black woman prosecutor to take over the Ahmaud Arbery case; Cobb County District Attorney Joyette Holmes is now the fourth. Maybe that will help! (LA Times)

What if Joe Biden turned into LBJ? That would be hilaramazing! (New York mag)


Hey, a HuffPost personal story that is nice and good and not stupid, and it's about a woman whose mom took her out for an AWESOME DAY when she was 10 and got her period and didn't make her feel weird or gross or scared at all!

Shyyyyy I waaaant a lemon icebox caaaaaake. — Food And Wine

This Amsterdam restaurant is putting diners in individual greenhouse and I fucking love it. (Food and Wine)

TOAST ART! (Via Food and Wine)

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