Pick The Elizabeth Olsen Red Carpet Look That Perfectly Matches Your Energy! Tabs, Tues., May 17, 2022

Pick The Elizabeth Olsen Red Carpet Look That Perfectly Matches Your Energy! Tabs, Tues., May 17, 2022
Tabs gif from your bestie Martini Glambassador!

It’s primary day in Pennsylvania! And we’ve got Tabs!

GOP Pennsylvania governor candidate Doug Mastriano banned the press from covering his campaign like your average wannabe despot. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Mastriano is a Trump-endorsed Big Lie promoter. If he wins the governor’s race, Democrats can kiss Pennsylvania goodbye in 2024. Don’t believe me? Read Trump’s own words from his endorsement statement:

[Mastriano] has revealed the Deceit, Corruption, and outright Theft of the 2020 Presidential Election, and will do something about it. He will also Fight Violent Crime, Strengthen our Borders, Protect Life, Defend our under-siege Second Amendment, and Help our Military and our Vets. He is a fighter like few others, and has been with me right from the beginning, and now I have an obligation to be with him


Why do certain people want to keep Pennsylvania Democrat Summer Lee out of Congress? It’s not a big mystery. (The Nation)

This is your regular reminder that the Wall Street Journal is consistently wrong. (Twitter)

Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen from Maryland revealed he suffered a minor stroke last week. He’s expected to make a full recovery. (The Week)

Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman from Pennsylvania also had a stroke recently and is expected to make a full recovery. (CNN)

Democratic Senator Ben Ray Luján from New Mexico had a more serious stroke earlier this year. He’s also expected to fully recover. (New York Times)

Studies have shown that COVID-19 has increased the risk for strokes for everyone, regardless of age. (Healthcare Utah Ed)

Putin’s butchery threatens Ukraine’s neighbor, Moldova. (The Daily Beast)

The Root wonders if Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron can simultaneously occupy both the governor’s mansion and the sunken place. I’m sure he’ll try his best. (The Root)

Inside the Hive cohosts Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan plus Hive political reporter Abigail Tracy suggests that Democrats might want to go into midterms with a clearer message. (Vanity Fair)

This guy is feeling nostalgic about the iPod. However, I’m sort of like Alton Brown when it comes to electronics — no unitaskers! (Vice)

Pasta bowls are often the go-to serving vessel in my home. (Bon Appetit)

Here are some nice dining spots in my old Seattle neighborhood. (Eater)

Elizabeth Olsen and I have very similar skin care regimens.


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