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New York City is reopening for the vaccinated. Hooray! ((Associated Press)

The Biden administration's refundable child tax credit kicks off in July. Families with children under six years old can receive $300, while those with children over six can receive $250. Way to discourage six year olds from working! (New York Times)

Census data reveals that voter turnout in the 2020 election was the highest in 120 years, and this was during a pandemic. Obviously, Republicans feel like something went horribly wrong. (Washington Post)

Georgia Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan announced Monday that he's not running for a second term but will instead focus on building a "GOP 2.0," which will seek to move past the one-term loser. Duncan probably realizes he'd lose a GOP primary to some MAGA sycophant. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Minnesota judge rules there's probable cause to move forward with a second-degree manslaughter charge against former Brooklyn Center officer Kim Potter, who fatally shot Daunte Wright instead of just tasing him. It wasn't her first day on the job. (NPR)

There's a database of bad cops but the "good" cops don't bother using it. They probably also don't check Yelp reviews before going to a restaurant. (CNN)

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster signed into law a bill that offers death row inmates their choice of cruel and unusual punishments. They can either go with the electric chair or a newly formed firing squad. South Carolina had held off murdering people for the past 10 years because of a lack of lethal injection drugs. My wife would've suggested just offering them the sweet tea from Waffle House but she opposes the death penalty. (The State)

Don't forgot that South Carolina executed 14-year-old George Stiney Jr in 1944. He had to sit on a stack of books to reach the electric chair's headpiece. Oh, and he didn't actually murder anyone. (Vice)

Joan Walsh wonders if the GOP will successfully scaremonger Americans out of child care and family leave. It is what they do best. (The Nation)

Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota and Republican Senator Mike Lee from the New Confederacy have formed an unlikely alliance over their mutual concern that Big Tech is too damn big. (Bloomberg)

Everything you thought you knew about Flamin' Hot Cheetos is wrong. (L.A. Times)

Florida Senator Marco Rubio thinks the government should take UFO sightings seriously. If there are UFOs, no one on board would take Marco Rubio seriously. (The Guardian)

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