Elizabeth Olsen, Cooking Onscreen And Off! Tues., May 24, 2022
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Donald Trump reportedly suggested that Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson be tried and executed for treason bc she wouldn’t let him overturn election results in a state he lost by three points. (NBC News)

Climate change could make us all sleepless in Seattle but not in that adorable 1990s Meg Ryan way. (The Daily Beast)

Clackamas County, Oregon, knew there were issues with their ballots weeks before the primary. (Central Oregon Daily)

This shocking expose reveals that Rep. Lauren Boebert is as lousy at running a business as she is representing her constituents in Congress. (Mother Jones)

Oliver Willis makes a convincing argument about why Democrats shouldn’t waste their time on Fox News.

I can see the other side of this where people say, "Go on Fox News, and go toe to toe with them and make your case in the arena." I get that impulse. I used to believe that. But the problem with that is what Fox does with an appearance. Even if you sort of, quote unquote, "win" your hit on Fox News, that fills three minutes out of 24 hours in a day. And that hit is often used to undermine people on the left. (Substack)

Ibram X. Kendi — a popular scapegoat among those who think antiracist work is itself racist — offers his compelling perspective on the Great Replacement Theory. (The Atlantic)

Pennsylvania Democrat Summer Lee prevailed in a hotly contested House where even a kitchen sink filled with corporate cash was hurled at her. (The Nation)

I remember joking in high school about President Joe Biden’s plagiarism “scandal” during his first presidential run in 1988. We are both older than we ever intended to be. (Newsweek)

Widdle baby cops won’t march in San Francisco pride parade unless they can wear their uniforms. They declared that they won’t be “pushed back into the closet,” which is something asshole says. (SF Chronicle)

He hasn’t yet seen enough, but Dave Wasserman suggests Democrats might wind up playing defense even in California. (Cook Political Report)

Are we headed toward another recession? Kevin T. Dugan thinks so. (New York Magazine)

Democrats should definitely commit fully to Cheri Beasley’s Senate campaign in North Carolina. (Politico)

Here’s a nice salmon recipe in case you’re able to find decent salmon for less than the cost of a new kitchen remodel. (Bon Appetit)

The Tab hed references an actual Elizabeth Olsen article about cooking. I’m not that dirty an old man. (New York Times)

My favorite legal YouTuber walks us through some popular misconceptions about the Constitution.


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