The Secret Mating Habits Of Eels Will Surprise You! Tabs, Tues., May 3, 2022
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The MAGA Supreme Court has likely overturned Roe v Wade. Millions of people will needlessly suffer. Republicans are probably already naming schools after Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. (Politico)

Elie Mystal on more Supreme Court skullduggery. (The Nation)

Not all parents think their kids teachers are pedophiles. (NPR)

White moderates enjoy reminding us that Rodney King said “can’t we all us just get along?” But it’s not a one-sided request. White people must also show compassion. (The Atlantic)

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah on the difference between South African racism and US racism. (Twitter)

Ron DeSantis wants to make Florida a state where you can carry a gun without a permit, mask, or proof of vaccination. (CNN)

Meet Democrats great white suburban mom hope, Mallory McMorrow. (The Daily Beast)

Long COVID patients are being treated like Black women sick with anything. (Buzzfeed News)

Democrat Karen Bass is clearly the best choice for next Los Angeles mayor. My friend Kara puts it best: Fuck no, Rick Caruso. (Los Angeles Times)

The Michigan GOP is slightly divided over just how much they should reject democracy and embrace the Big Lie. It wasn’t always sunshine and roses at the Hall of Doom, either. (Washington Post)

The “Judicial Complicity in Greenville County” program confronts Greenville, South Carolina's shameful history of lynchings. As the title suggests, the government willingly enabled racial terror against Black citizens. (Greenville News)

Bare feet is apparently not the grossest thing on an airplane. It’s like a haunted house in there. (Travel and Leisure)

I was wondering why unagi was vanishing from local sushi menus.

Nearly all of the world’s eel supply is farmed, but because eels’ breeding habits are so clouded in mystery, farms have had to source juvenile eels from a global supply chain rife with smuggling from overfished areas. Japanese and European wild eel populations are listed as endangered or critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Who knew eel were so secretive about how they fucked? (Bon Appetit)

The cool kids today love martinis with their avocado toast. (Grub Street)

Want some poison served up in a coupe glass?

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