Best Pandemic Excuses For Avoiding Thanksgiving Dinner With Family. Tabs, Tues., Nov. 2, 2021
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Let’s hope that Virginia voters remember that Republican Glenn Youngkin is a Donald Trump stooge like almost every other Republican. (Newsweek)

Loved the moment when Justice Elena Kagan called bullshit on Texas solicitor general's bogus claim that the state’s anti-abortion law doesn’t actually ban abortions. (New York Times)

Justice Kagan engaged in a heated exchange with [Judd Stone II], pushing back on his assertions that it was still a hypothetical that S.B. 8 had all but ended abortion in Texas. "The provisions in this law have prevented every woman in Texas from exercising a constitutional right, as declared by this court," she said. "That's not a hypothetical. That's an actual.”

Weird is a gun rights group might’ve helped save abortion rights in Texas. (VOX)

Monday, at COP26, President Joe Biden said we are at an inflection point regarding addressing the climate crisis. He also publicly denounced the former climate denier in chief for pulling out of the Paris Accords. (Washington Post)

Here’s Biden speechifying at the United Nations climate summit.

It’s not a shock that an increasing authoritarian GOP would openly embrace book banning, but seriously, Republicans were denouncing “cancel culture” just a few months ago. (Salon)

Dallas paramedic Brad Cox was finally fired for kicking a homeless, mentally ill man in the face. It was all on video, but Dallas police still cleared Cox. Something close to justice only came after the release of a longer, Snyder cut video of the attack that left Kyle Vess with a fractured eye socket, fractured sinus, and broken teeth. (The Daily Beast)

President Senate Majority Leader God Emperor Joe Manchin said he’ll provide “clarity” on what he’ll allow in the Build Back Better Agenda. (CNN)

USDA loan denials over the years have cost Black farmers 16 million acres of land and now they collectively own just two percent of American farmland. Why, the racism is practically systemic. (The Nation)

Oregon employers are giving out vaccine mandate exemptions like that time Oprah Winfrey gave out cars. A whopping 44 percent of Medford EMTS have exemptions. That’s not encouraging. (Oregonian)

The white population continues to decline in Atlanta suburbs, and Georgia itself is expected to soon become a majority-minority state. You can expect Republicans to ramp up the Jim Crow Apartheid laws. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Seattle is officially the most stressed-out city in the nation. (Seattle Times)

A nice beer cocktail should cheer everyone up.

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