9 Major Cities That Could Be Underwater By 2030. Tabs, Tues., Nov. 9, 2021
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The survivor of Kyle Rittenhouse's vigilante rampage testified in court Monday for all the good it'll do. Forgive my cynicism. You should listen to what the man — who Rittenhouse maimed — has to say. (The Daily Beast)

Donald Trump maintains total control over the GOP, even after “polite" Republicans who faked the Trump funk outperformed him in Virginia and New Jersey. (Washington Post)

The first post-pandemic flights to the US from London's Heathrow Airport were like the opening to Love Actually. (New York Times)

Terry McAuliffe was probably not the best candidate for the Virginia governor's race, especially in this climate. (The Nation)

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ approval ratings are at least better than Prince Charles’s probably were in 1994. That’s not saying much, unfortunately. (Newsweek)

Twelve experts suggest ways to redeem Facebook. I personally think it's hopeless. (VOX)

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg speaking some truth. (The Hill)

State Farm supports Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers right to have deranged opinions. (USA Today)

Rodgers has suggested that he caught Covid-19 from a vaccinated person, but actual real, non-assed-pulled data suggest that's not likely. (The Atlantic)

Only a few more days left in the season to enjoy a journey through Oregon's Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway.
(The Oregonian)

How to get your kid to sleep normally after we fucked around with time again. (NPR)

California voted for permanent daylight saving time three years ago but somehow never wound up springing forward for good. (LA Times)

A US insurrection suspect might seek asylum in Belarus as the victim of political persecution. That's adorable. (CNN)

Will the Boston Dynamics dancing robots turn on humanity? Who can say.


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