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It's exactly two weeks until Election Day, and Donald Trump is attacking Dr. Anthony Fauci. That makes absolutely zero political sense, and he's usually so perfectly sane and rational. (Washington Post)

During his "60 Minutes" interview Sunday, Dr. Fauci said it didn't surprise him that Trump's dumb ass caught the 'rona — although he might've phrased it more politely. (CNN)

Arizona GOP Rep. Paul Gosar tweeted a horrible joke about Hunter Biden. His siblings think he sucks and has endorsed his Democratic opponent, Delina DiSanto. Donate to her here. (Newsweek)

Washington's Democratic Attorney General Bob Ferguson boasts an impressive 35 legal victories over the Trump administration. His Republican challenger, Matt Larkin, promises he'd give Trump a break if elected and instead crack down on protesters in Seattle. I think you know who we support. (Seattle Times)

Most of us who regularly mute video during Zoom meetings aren't pulling a Jeffrey Toobin on the sneak. We just haven't shaved or combed our hair. Is that so wrong? (Vice)

Say goodbye to Tab, Marty McFly's favorite low-calorie beverage. Coca-Cola announced Friday that it'll retire its first-ever diet soda by the end of the year. (Delish)

Michigan Senate candidate John James is proudly “not a politician," but the Republican would gladly vote to overturn the Affordable Care Act. Just watch this clown humiliate himself on live TV.

Authorities believe someone might've intentionally set fire to a ballot box at the Baldwin Park library in Los Angeles. (Los Angeles Times)

San Francisco will start sending teams of professionals from the fire and health departments, instead of the cops, to manage most calls from people in a mental health or substance abuse crisis. This is guaranteed to save lives. (NPR)

Portland, Oregon police officers are doing quite well for themselves. (The Oregonian)

Emmanuel Felton talks to three civil rights legends about remaining hopeful during a time of racial reckoning. (Buzzfeed)

Will the humble Philly cheesesteak determine the presidential election? Probably not, but it's damn good. (The Economist)

The adult film industry fears that Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett will destroy porn as we know it. Wonderful. (The Daily Beast)

Netflix's film adaptation of August Wilson's Ma Rainey's Black Bottom was Chadwick Boseman's final film performance, and Viola Davis discusses how the actor brought his A game to the set every day: "Chadwick was just an artist. That's just who he was."(Variety)

A viral TikTok video has put Fleetwood Mac's 1978 hit Rumours back into the top 10. (The New York Times)

However, this is what first pops into my head when I hear “Rumors."

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