Why A Female Victim Of ‘Sudden Death’ Is Ideal For Your Unholy Experiments. Tabs, Tues., Oct. 26, 2021


Facebook knows how it's the social media version of Wolfram & Hart. (Yes, I'm a middle-aged geek.) (Washington Post)

Also from the Post: The 2013 article about the Fairfax County, Virginia mom who's in Virginia Governor candidate Glenn Youngkin's misleading ad about how Toni Morrison's Beloved gave her goofy son whitemares.

This woman also willingly posed for the whitest white lady picture since white ladies were first photographed.

Washington Post

Every item on your Thanksgiving Day menu this year is expected to cost more. That includes the emotional cost from dealing with your Republican relatives who'll blame Biden for the increased price of their green bean casserole. (New York Times)

Moderna believes data supports giving doses of its COVID-19 vaccine to children between the ages 6 and 11. (NPR)

Senator Elizabeth Warren has a plan for smashing Facebook up into tiny pieces. (The Daily Beast)

Ann Larson describes what it was like to work in a grocery store during the pandemic. (The Nation)

Shocker: Amazon isn't the best employer. (Seattle Times)

House Oversight Committee determined that US Customs and Border Patrol agents who'd posted offensive content on a Facebook group had received “inadequate discipline." (CNN)

Is Los Angeles still trying to make their bagels fetch? (The New Yorker)

A Georgia man is accused of blowing $50,000 in COVID-19 relief funds on Pokemon cards. Is this man secretly my son? (Rolling Stone)

COVID-19 should've killed the popular trope in fiction that a common threat would unite the planet. We are our own architects of fear. (Slate)

Oooh, vampires! (Salon)

It's almost Halloween and while I enjoy my annual Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror" marathon, I will try to forget that an actor in my play (a full-grown adult, mind you) was born the year one of my favorite installments aired.


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