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The Dow dropped 650 points Monday as coronavirus cases rise and the GOP-controlled Senate is more concerned with Amy Coney Barrett's promotion than a stimulus package for struggling Americans. Joe Biden's America can't arrive quickly enough. (The Washington Post)

Donald Trump promised big things for the Foxconn plant in Wisconsin, none of which ever materialized. (The New York Times)

Peter Turchin, an evolutionary anthropologist at the University of Connecticut, and Jack Goldstone, a George Mason University sociologist, believe that growing inequality in American society might lead to explosive political violence. Well, duh. (Buzzfeed)

Rand Paul, Kentucky's second-worst senator, has a dream. It involves a restaurant where senior citizens and anyone else at risk from COVID-19 can enjoy a delicious meal served by survivors of the virus. (The Daily Beast)

Paul also claims that cloth “masks don't work." He's wrong, and a new study estimates that if 95 percent of Americans wore masks in public that as many as 129,574 deaths could be prevented by February 28, 2021. (The Week)

David Duchovny wrote an anti-Trump song called "Layin' on the Tracks," which accurately describes the president as a "stupid orange man in a cheap red hat." What's especially newsworthy about the song is that it's from "The X-Files" star's third studio album. (Rolling Stone)

Nasa confirms that there's water on the moon that astronauts could possibly use. (New Scientist)

Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz eulogizes the Senate that Mitch McConnell gleefully murdered.

Minnesota reports more COVID-19 outbreaks related to Trump events in September. This also includes a stupid “Cops for Trump" listening event with Mike Pence and Ivanka Trump that was held indoors at the InterContinental Hotel in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Minneapolis cops really need someone to “listen" to them after one of their own murdered George Floyd in the street. (CNN)

El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego has issued a stay-at-home order for the Texas city as a surge of coronavirus cases overwhelms hospitals. Great work, Governor Greg Abbott. (CBS News)

Airlines are considering when to start letting passengers fly in their crappy middle seats again. What was once just a matter of comfort is now a life-or-death issue. We miss the simpler days. (Los Angeles Times)

The Trump campaign now believes it was conservative Catholic hypocrites and not just white evangelical hypocrites who helped the president win in 2016. (NPR)

Check out these images of Javicia Leslie as the new, badass Batwoman. I can't wait to see the cowled sister beat up cops. I mean, hey, even the very white Bruce Wayne Batman fought the law (and won!) in Frank Miller's Batman: Year One. (Variety)

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