This Is A Bridesmaid’s Dress You’d Wear More Than Once! Tabs, Tues.,Sept. 1, 2020
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Maryland official Arthur "Mac" Love IV was fired this weekend after sharing social media posts supporting Kyle Rittenhouse, the plucky 17-year-old white guy charged with double homicide. Love's job involved "outreach to diverse ethnic groups and faith communities." No, I'm not kidding. (CBS News)

Donald Trump didn't feel like “weighing in" on Rittenhouse, either, according to White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. It's not like Rittenhouse is a common Jussie Smollett or something. (The Daily Beast)

Check out this deep dive into the Montana Senate race between Democrat Steve Bullock and Republican Steve Daines. Only Steve shall stand. One shall fall. (Bloomberg)

The US Post Office has long provided secure, middle-class jobs for Black Americans, so of course, the self-proclaimed best president for Black folks since Lincoln is trying to destroy it. (NPR)

Comedians Desus Nice and The Kid Mero show love for the post office and think you should, as well.

Independent restaurants are facing a "mass extinction event" without direct relief in 2021. A new president would also help. (Eater)

David Rothkopf and Bernard L. Schwartz believe an "overwhelming win" will prevent Trump from effectively stealing the election. Our democracy is fucked. (USA Today)

Former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele explains why he joined the anti-Trump conservative Lincoln Project. (The Hill)

Orange County's fancypants South Coast Plaza shopping center reopened for in-person, socially distant shopping Monday, as California starts relaxing its COVID-19 restrictions. Face coverings are required and alas, there's no valet parking. (Los Angeles Times)

A white cop from Columbia, South Carolina, was suspended after he was recorded repeatedly using the “n-word." He was apparently frustrated that a Black man could use the word and he couldn't. Jacob Blake is probably frustrated for more compelling reasons. (The State)

If you’re a fan of Whit Stilman’s Metropolitan, as I am, you’ll enjoy this 30th-anniversary oral history. (Town and Country)

Remembering John Thompson, the legendary former Georgetown men's basketball coach, who died Sunday at the age of 78. (Washington Post)

Remembering the King of Wakanda, the Godfather of Soul, Number 42, the people's Supreme Court Justice, and my brother from Anderson, South Carolina, Chadwick Boseman, who died Friday at the age of 43. (Variety)

Wouldn't it be awesome if they replaced that ragamuffin Confederate statue in downtown Anderson, South Carolina with one of Boseman? (ABC News)

Chadwick Boseman Talks COVID-19 While in

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