Queen Elizabeth Started Each Day With This Refreshing Gin Cocktail. Tabs, Tues., Sept. 20, 2022
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Adnan Syed, who was featured in the Serial podcast, had his murder conviction vacated Monday. Let’s hope the Supreme Court doesn’t intervene. (Washington Post)

Meet the brave woman who will bring me chicken and booze after the big Portland, Oregon earthquake. (Wired)

Please tell me you haven’t used the terms “COVID virgin” or “NOVID.” (Also Wired)

Jennifer Rubin on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s sadistic human trafficking stunt. (Washington Post)

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s proposed abortion ban is just the least of the awful things Republicans will do if they gain power. (The Nation)

Hey, listen to Stacey Abrams say more true things in her typical awesome way! (Twitter)

New studies raise doubts over whether a giant asteroid killed the dinosaurs. Great, just when their families were starting to find closure. (Yahoo!)

The UK economy could suffer without its money-making Queen. I know I wouldn’t buy a commemorative plate with Charles’s face on it. (Global News)

The new COVID-19 booster also targets those pesky variants. Here are some of the fun side effects. Don't worry, side effects mean the vaccine's working and you have an excuse for cancelling social activities. (HuffPost)

Is self-proclaimed Senate Grim Reaper Mitch McConnell losing his death grip over the Republican caucus? This is how most monster movies end. (MSNBC)

The media keeps enabling fascists. Take this article about Washington Republican and supposed "rising star" Tiffany Smiley, if that is her real name.

She’s also got a “Big Lie” problem—which is to say she doesn’t want to publicly support Trump’s false assertion that he was the rightful winner of the 2020 election, but she doesn’t want to say it so explicitly that she offends the MAGA base.

Cue the world's smallest violin for poor, befuddled Tiffany Smiley! (Seattle Times)

The Samuel Alito Supreme Court's recent Yeshiva University ruling contained an implicit threat about religious freedom. (Vox)

Yeshiva University would rather cancel culture all school clubs than recognize an LGBTQ club. Jerks. (CNN)

How are tipped wages still a thing? As Adam Conover said, “Just because it’s the system we have, doesn’t mean it’s a good system.” (Salon)

Not so fast, all you Mr. Pinks out there: Until we fix the system, you still have to tip or you’re an asshole.


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