Why At Least One Member Of This 1990s Girl Group Should’ve Been Pumpkin Spice. Tabs, Tues., Sept. 21, 2021
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More indictments are coming for former Trump Organization CFO and current patsy Allen Weisselberg. To borrow from Det. Lennie Briscoe, all anyone ever receives for their loyalty to Donald Trump is a set of striped pajamas and the word "schmo" stamped on their forehead. (CNN)

Millions of children aged five to 11 could receive the COVID-19 vaccine in time for Halloween. This is still good news, though. (New York Times)

Here’s a grim milestone: COVID-19 has killed as many Americans as the 1918-1919 flu. Of course, the earlier pandemic couldn’t rely on rightwing media to aid its death toll. (AP)

Residents of California Trump country are still pissed that those damn liberals outnumber them. Democracy is hard. (L.A. Times)

This asshole could become the next Senator from Ohio unless that other asshole does.

An employee at an elementary school in Newberg, Oregon, showed up for work Friday in blackface. She claimed she was portraying Rosa Parks in protest against the school’s vaccine mandate for staff. I suppose I should mention that Rosa Parks was not known for her anti-vaccine positions. (The Daily Beast)

Last year, Kyrsten Sinema, a sitting senator, worked as an intern for two weeks at the Three Sticks Winery in Sonoma, California, which is not the state she more or less represents in Congress. It was also a paid internship.

Three Sticks winemaker Ryan Prichard said Sinema did everything the other interns did: grape sampling, sorting fruit, cleaning equipment, getting the wine cellar ready to receive newly picked grapes.

For her manual labor, Sinema was paid the entry-level intern rate of $1,117.40, Prichard confirmed.

OK.(Press Democrat)

The great Elie Mystal on Sen. Joe Manchin’s mighty white approach to voting rights. (The Nation)

The human cost for our sugar habit is far greater than a few cavities. (Mother Jones)

Great piece on the medical fallout from COVID-19. (Dame)

South Carolina is preparing to raze more Black and Brown communities for a freeway expansion. (Washington Post)

New Orleans residents held a trash parade to protest the weeks-old stacks of garbage stinking up their streets after Hurricane Ida. I love that city. (NPR)


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