Ever Wonder Why Aldi's Meat Is So Suspiciously Cheap? Tabs, Tues., Sept. 6, 2022

Ever Wonder Why Aldi's Meat Is So Suspiciously Cheap? Tabs, Tues., Sept. 6, 2022

Tabs gif by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Batshittier than even Liz expected, and Liz knew that shit was gonna be NUTS. (Judge Aileen Cannon's Trump decision)

Yeah, Trump stole those documents for his "presidential library," wanking dot gif. — NBC News

All the times he said people should go to prison for mishandling classified documents, including the time he signed a law making it a felony because he thinks it only applies to Hillary Clinton. (KFiles at CNN)

Actually Hillary Clinton had zero classified emails. Absolute media FAIL. — National Memo

Well look at that. The VA's going to offer abortions to veterans again, like the military used to. (News Nation Now)

Oh thank GOD the red state schools are teaching children about "media bias," oh wait, yeah LOL. (Daily Beast)

The story behind Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis taking over the Broward school board in order to scapegoat progressive education reforms for the Parkland school shooting. This is absolutely chilling. — Salon

How parenting your drunk parents or siblings from a young age can affect you for life. (Atlantic)

fAiRIeS aRe WhITe!!1! — Your new CNN in action

When Black women decided they wanted to stay home and raise their own children instead of white women's, the city of Greenville made it a jailable offense. Click through and read the news story announcing it. (Newspapers.com)

From 2021: Why Jackson, Mississippi's, water system is broken. Learn a thing! — Mississippi Today

Drag brunch in the suburbs: Okay, it's not illegal, but we're going to figure out a way to make it illegal. — Some dumb fuck mayor. (Dallas Voice)

She didn't care for Jon Taffer's DC sous vide restaurant. (Washingtonian)

My friend Mike Davis is dying. Let's read a wonderful interview with him. — The Guardian

Happy Tuesday, I got you this vampire! (Metro)

Just watching Paul and Holly's commitment ceremony and ONLY SMILING EVER AGAIN. Wonkette gets people married, y'all. LOL @ Paul's poor nice friend who isn't a Wonker and probably is just like all WTF with all y'alls' cult.

Paul and Holly's wonkette weddingyoutu.be

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