16 Funny Tweets That Oh Jesus I Can't. Tabs, Wed., April 1, 2020

16 Funny Tweets That Oh Jesus I Can't. Tabs, Wed., April 1, 2020

Oh nothing, just an anonymous White House official admitting that Trump is sending Florida everything it asks for because of his electoral prospects. Or how about this:

[Wisconsin Gov. Tony] Evers told FEMA on Friday that Wisconsin still needs 190,000 nonsurgical masks, adding that he thought some of the supplies were stuck in a bureaucratic queue. Oklahoma received 120,000 face shields despite only requesting 16,000, according to the state's health department. North Carolina, by contrast, requested 500,000 medical coveralls and received 306, state records show.

(Washington Post)

Oh well as long as it's just blue states. LA Times:

One former White House official said Trump's reelection campaign advisors are terrified that the coronavirus outbreak, which so far has hit largely Democratic coastal cities hardest, will soon scythe across the rural areas that remain deeply loyal to Trump.

The advisors have warned Trump that the political consequences at the ballot box in November will be even worse if he is seen as too lax.

"Pay attention. You're going to lose the election," the former official said, summarizing the intervention.

Oh right, some rural counties have more cases than counties 20 times their size. Because of Fox. (Or maybe because they're just getting tested, and nobody else is.) — Grand Forks Herald


Speaking of IMPEACH, McConnell blames IMPEACH for coronavirus response. George Conway's not letting him get away with that shit. — WaPo

Errebody slobbering over Jay Inslee. WE SAW HIM FIRST. (The Week)

Trump attacks women you say? WHOA. (New York Times)

Los Angeles shutting down restaurants for selling groceries. Oh LA, don't do that.(Reason)

Virginia shutting down Liberty University's in-person instruction. Oh VA, DO DO THAT. — NBC

Arrest Hobby Lobby. It's reopening stores in shelter-in-place states. (Business Insider)

Anybody know the deal with the FUCKING HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATORS? (NYT)

The car companies don't even want the lower gas mileage standards, so now they're "politically correct."

What a ridiculous asshole.

The cops who arrested Stormy Daniels were themselves arrested on public corruption charges. Ain't that a bitch.

Jerry Saltz says BE! CREATIVE! B-E CREATIVE! (NYT)

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No flour, butter, or eggs, and you want a sweet? Washington Post has you covered.

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