Do You Like Piña Coladas Or Are You Just An Unfaithful Spouse? Tabs, Wed., Aug.18, 2021
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Who’s going to get fired first for bungling the Afghanistan withdrawal. This was supposed to be Infrastructure Week! (CNN)

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his husband, Chasten, are about to become parents. Great for them! (NBC News)

Christine Fair counts down the biggest fuck ups in the Afghanistan war, which was never winnable so stop fooling yourself. (The Daily Beast)

A federal lawsuit claims the California governor recall process is crap. (SF Gate)

"[California's recall process] flies in the face of the federal legal principle of 'one person, one vote,' and gives to voters who vote to recall the Governor two votes — one to remove him and one to select a successor, but limits to only one vote the franchise of those who vote to retain him and that he not be recalled, so that a person who votes for recall has twice as many votes as a person who votes against recall," the lawsuit states.

The baking heat is literally killing workers, and there are few federal standards to protect them. (NPR)

I can’t help but think that photographing this impoverished landlord with 24 properties in front of what looks like his private jet was a bad idea. (Business Insider)

The Washington Monument remains closed after it was struck by lightning over the weekend. My friends in DC just assumed it was part of Donald Trump’s reinstatement ceremony. He loves spectacle. (Washington Post)

The fate of women in Afghanistan looks bleak. (The New York Times)

At least 130 Seattle bars and restaurants will now require proof of vaccination before entry. Expect that number to grow. (Eater)

Does Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia believe in anything or does he just want power for its own sake? It’s both are true: He believes in holding onto power. (The Nation)

We might have to learn to live with COVID-19. This isn’t entirely bad news. (The Atlantic)

The delta variant is enjoying a simple, easier life in Jackson and Josephine, Oregon, where vaccination rates are low and COVID-19 cases high. (Willamette Week)

Dr. Blythe Adamson is an epidemiologist and economist (yes, she’s smart) who’s figuring out the protocols that can let Broadway theatres reopen safely. (Variety)

When should you salt your pasta water? I feel like this is something that will generate strong opinions.

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