The Senate Intel Russia Report. If you've been wondering why you haven't seen Evan lately, it's because this fucker on "Counterintelligence Threats and Vulnerabilities" is 996 pages long, and it makes LIL BIT OF NEWS, particularly of the Roger Stone/Julian Assange kind, though I assume there's others. Fucking do-nothing Mueller Report. (Report)

Rudy Giuliani said there were "no plans" for Trump Tower Moscow. Here they are. (Buzzfeed)

You don't suppose anyone told Trump? He's extra crabs yestertoday!

Harold Meyerson reviews Michelle Obama's "scorching hot" DNC Day One. — The American Prospect

The Rude Pundit is somewhat ruder on the subject! "When Michelle Obama is out of fucks to give, the national fuck tank is empty." — Rude Pundit

Rebecca Traister is UNTHRILLED at the DNC speaking assignments, and the ultra-dynamic young and youngish women left out in favor of your usual goddamn Whitmans and Bloombergs. (New York mag)

Olivia Nuzzi is quite mean to erstwhile Trump campaign chair Brad Parscale. — New York mag

This lady. Man, I don't know.

How QAnon works like a video game to hook people. — Axios

"This is your brain on Q" PSA's? Maybe. Couldn't hurt? Might could hurt? (Medianut)

If you have any bandwidth for outrage left, here are scared restaurant workers and their shit customers and their shit bosses. (Washington Post)

Well this is fucking stupid. Louisiana election official wants to require a positive diagnosis for mail-in voters. (Guardian)

Rachel Bitecofer polled the rurals on how they feel about the Post Office. They are for it! Ask rural Republicans if they "rely" in it though and they lie that they don't LOL. (Niskanen)

"Preventing a disrupted election and transition." Who likes white papers? You do! (Transition Integrity Project)

"The Good Son: How Jared Kushner became his father-in-law's most dangerous enabler." You know if it's Franklin Foer I'm going to read it eventually. — The Atlantic

Erik Wemple has the 911 call from the New York Times stringer that Tucker Carlson sicced the internet on. (Washington Post)

Sigh. Remember restaurants?

No-cook summer tomato sauce? Think I will, Food and Wine!

Wait a minute, what, tomato lemonade with rye or vodka or gin? Fuck you and I mean that in the most respectful and admiring way. (Food and Wine)

Actual Wonk pals the Penzeys are having a promotion in honor of the Milwaukee Democratic National Convention at which they wish they could be seeing us all; this is not a paid announcement, I just needed some almond extract and then I needed some "pico frutas" so my son can pretend he's home in LA buying street mangos. And then I might have needed some more stuff until the shipping was free. Put MKE in the place where you put a code and the Penzeys will give you a treat, because we all could use one.

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