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Well I think someone is done with this guy. (Gross comments about Melania's body or porner stuff will be banhammered and looked on with contempt. Stop making the women around here think you're a dick.)

Republican National Convention Funtime Ahoy! "'Statistically, my brown son is more likely to commit a violent offense over my white sons,' anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson said in a YouTube video earlier this year." (Vice)

Don't worry, Abby Johnson's son, she also doesn't think she should be allowed to vote, your mom is great and totally normal. — 19th News

Or how about this entirely other RNC speaker! "RNC Speaker Boosts QAnon Conspiracy Theory About Jewish Plot to Enslave the World." (Daily Beast)

If Joe Biden lied like Trump, he wouldn't be allowed on TV. — Eric Boehlert at PressRun

That St. Louis Gun Nut Lawyer Couple, the McCloskeys? Their next door neighbor, a Jewish synagogue whose beehives the McCloskeys smashed with an ax, says they are bullies. No shit. But I think the most interesting point in the piece is this little aside?

In 2017 [Rabbi Susan] Talve's synagogue opened its doors to provide refuge for protesters when a march against police violence itself turned violent.

At the time, a trending Twitter hashtag called on the police to #GasTheSynagogue.


Law Enforcement Training: People Saying 'I Can't Breathe' Are Just Suffering From 'Excited Delirium'. (Techdirt)

Yes, it is distressing:

Step the fuck back, white people. No, really step back. There's a pandemic, yell at people from at least six feet away.

And for white people of the other persuasion: Unmasked, armed protesters literally break-and-enter their way into Idaho's special legislative session and then Ammon Bundy finally got arrested for squatting. (NPR / Idaho Press)

Funny thing: This week, Facebook dinged our Wonkette Snark Mob group because one of y'all posted a meme about Trump killing Social Security by axing payroll taxes. decided it was only "half-true" because it's temporary. Here's what the Social Security actuary says, and GUESS WHAT, the answer is FUCK YOU FACTCHECK.ORG AND ALSO FACEBOOK. (Actuary)

Economists: Trump's economy funky and not like you could dance to. — NBC News

The Patriotic Millionaires take a look at Joe Biden's tax plan. They would like it to be more aggressive, but say it's a step. (Email)

(Is not actually Jerry and Becki's daughter before you all go in the comments and ask if it is really Jerry and Becki's daughter, YOU'RE WELCOME!)

Oh what a Gamergate guy killed his ex-girlfriend after decades of harassing women in gaming? Who ever could have seen it coming besides all the people who kept warning it would happen? (Wired)

Jessica Valenti on the young lefty Kansas congressional candidate who dropped out last week after some total feminazis wouldn't let his revenge porn past (five years ago) stay in the past. (Medium)

Oh flip it and reverse it. Young Master Aaron is back in. Megan Garber has thoughts.

On Sunday, Coleman announced that given the uproar—and the opprobrium he faced from Democratic officials in Kansas—he would be ending his campaign. On Tuesday, he reversed that decision: He announced that he will remain in the race. Coleman blamed his initial departure on the "progressive circular firing squad" that "has done more to uphold the status quo than conservatives could have ever dreamed of." He framed it, too, as a parable about the excesses of feminism. In truth, the Aaron Coleman saga has been a parable for the opposite. It is a testament to how readily, still, conversations about abuse will focus on what is owed to the abuser.

Yes, everyone knows that proud Left value, questioning "the excesses of feminism," it is almost like the Glenn Greenwalds who are supporting him aren't actually the One True Left, Garber didn't say that, that was me.— Atlantic

Also some thoughts having? Lindsay Beyerstein at Slate, whom I first saw calmly stating the issues with Coleman's candidacy on Twitter while Greenwald and some weird dudes just screamed freaky shit like "SO HE SHOULD KILL HIMSELF?" No, actually, that's what Young Coleman told a tween girl until she actually tried to do so. (Slate)

Wait wait, The Intercept comes in, after having posted Greenwald's interview prompting (unsuccessfully) an apology and explaining over and over that Coleman was only a child, one who was "impoverished," with a story with Coleman's girlfriend this year who has texts from admitting to slapping her and telling her at length to ... did you guess it? ... kill herself. Presumably we're done here. (Intercept)

Africa free of polio! Yay Africa! — BBC

Look at this crazy farmer and his crazy alternate-pigs-and-crops-in-the-same-field ideas! — Civil Eats

If you join this wine club with my link, you will get $100 off and I will get even more wine. Sometimes I send it to Wonkers who need wine! And SOMETIMES I DON'T! (NakedWines)

Cheesy zucchini eggplant bake! Mmmmm delicious! I added balsamic and oregano to the oil I brushed the vegetables with; added some marinara Shy made last week and a layer of spinach; and replaced the ricotta (who the fuck has ricotta?) with goat cheese (y'all all have goat cheese). Then I threw some pine nuts and sundried tomatoes from a jar on top, but they were really superfluous, I'd leave them off. Huge fucking hit. Showing one pan of two. — Bon Appetit

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