40 Hilarious Resignation Letters That You'll Want To Copy! Tabs, Wed., Dec. 22, 2021

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John F. Kennedy would only be 104, so he could conceivably come back to where he was assassinated in Dallas — you know, if he hadn't been assassinated in Dallas — to meet with the QAnon people, but regardless they should not be drinking Jonestown bowls of communal bleach. (Dallas Observer / previously / previously before that)

America gone "mad" Lawyers Gun & Money? Oh pshaw.


Rural Montana kids can't get the coronavirus vaccine and the government won't promote them, or rather "Montana’s state health department has said it will continue to promote covid vaccines for everybody who is eligible but doesn’t plan to promote the shots for kids," LOL. — MTPR

How to think about the risk from Omicron for your family holidays! I feel better, and Dok may still come. (Leana Wen at CNN)

Things Joe Biden can do without Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, according to Amanda Marcotte at Salon.


Two controversial shootings hardened a long-simmering racial divide within the department. The first came in 2010, when two white officers working off-duty security entered the home of an elderly Black man, refused to leave when asked, then claimed they were threatened before shooting and killing him. He wasn’t suspected of any crime. He also happened to be the father of two LRPD officers, one current and one retired. The officers involved in the killing were exonerated after an investigation that many Black officers said in court records, internal affairs probes, and media interviews was biased to find the shooting justified.

The other incident was in 2012, when a white officer shot and killed a 15-year-old Black teen, then lied about the shooting, according to internal affairs investigators. (The chief at the time did not sustain the charge of lying.) Eight years earlier, that officer had been hired despite lying on his job application when he denied attending a Ku Klux Klan meeting.

Anyway, WOOF, the white cops and police unions being real pieces of shit to reformist Black police chiefs, reeeeeal pieces of shit and almost certainly criminals too. (The Intercept)

Going out on a limb that new New York Mayor and former cop Eric Adams is not a reformist, because he just reinstated solitary confinement in Riker's Island, which led to this extreme fucking grossness.

The media stopped caring about Critical Race Theory just as soon as Republican Glenn Youngkin was elected Virginia gov. Eric Boehlert has numbers on his receipts. (Press Run)

This is really interesting, less about the Little Folk fighting the Windmill Cancer than that they believe in Windmill Cancer, which is some woo!Buzzfeed News

When the tax payments (or not, thereof) of the rich became public. A swirling, literary longread, from ProPublica!

This quote makes me so happy, it takes my breath away:

Said Earl McGrath, former president of Rolling Stones Records, “In every young man’s life there is an Eve Babitz. It’s usually Eve Babitz.”

Respect. (Vanity Fair longread / NYT obit)

Martini Ambassador loves this movie and wants me to show you the whole thing.


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