19 Wild Ways People Found Out Their Partner Was Cheating On Them! Tabs, Wed., Dec. 23, 2020

19 Wild Ways People Found Out Their Partner Was Cheating On Them! Tabs, Wed., Dec. 23, 2020
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Well, yes.

Some good and some bad in the stimulus bill. — David Dayen at The American Prospect

Some very good!

Those components of the bill — which authorize $35 billion in clean energy spending and require the U.S. to phase down emissions of a greenhouse gas thousands of times more potent than carbon dioxide — represent the most significant action Congress has taken on global warming in over a decade.


Doug Emhoff hopes to focus on food insecurity? Well, that just made me tear up, and here's some things he can keep in mind. (Civil Eats)

How the Quapaw Nation in Oklahoma has been buying its own apiaries and meat processing plants and greenhouses and breweries and coffee roasters and all of the things to serve both its casinos and its tribal members because their president has an absolute FETISH for "cutting out the middleman." Same, but I just bought "a heat press" and "blank T-shirts." — Civil Eats

It will for sure be interesting to see what's in it, the many sweeteners to get, I dunno, Rand Paul to agree to the longest bill ever to pass the US Congress! (Rand Paul of course did not agree anyway.) (AP)

Michael Hiltzik is piiiiiissed at the skinflintiness of the US response's direct aid for people. — LA Times

Oh so is Trump apparently, just kidding he's blowing shit up because he likes fire, and why wouldn't Nancy Pelosi just TAKE THE DEAL. Anyway, maybe disregard all the previous tabs about what is "in" the "deal."

Trump's pardons, including some Blackwater guards who may have (did) committed a little light massacre. — New York Times

No shit Trump is setting Biden up to fail on vax distribution. (Talking Points Memo)

So we tested all our nukes in the Pacific and promised the Marshallese/Pacific Islanders they could have health care here, but then a "drafting mistake" in the 1996 welfare bill DQed them from being able to get Medicaid, and it took 25 years to fix it and the House passed a fix for the first time in 20 attempts but Mitch McConnell was not "interested." And now they've fixed it. Now. Jesus Christ. (Politico)

Bad sheriffs: a very niche and informative newsletter! LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, come on down! — Jessica Pishko's Posse Comitatus

Trump's losing pressure campaign in all the states. A timeline! (Politico)

Meet your new senator, Alex Padilla, California! (Bio)

I have certainly been the mom with the empty stocking, but the problem this year seems to be the opposite. We've all shopped like goddamn Republicans, the house is stuffed with too many presents, and people keep going out to get more presents, like stop it is already grotesque :(

You don't have to be all YAY ASTROLOGY to be curious about the Jesus star. If Evan's wasn't enough SCIENCE for you, here's a thorough explainering of, I don't know, its chakras or whatnot! — New York mag

And look at the moon, look at the moon, it's a really interesting interview with John Patrick Shanley, of Moonstruck and also he has a new movie out, Wild Mountain Thyme, that is getting just absolutely panned but you know what? One of my favorite movies is no shit Bewitched so fuck it, I will absolutely watch it. (New York mag again)

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