Art Deco Era Cylindrical Faux Wood Finish Bar! Tabs, Wed., Feb. 23, 2022

Art Deco Era Cylindrical Faux Wood Finish Bar! Tabs, Wed., Feb. 23, 2022

Tabs gif by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Fiona Hill on the difference between Biden and Trump on Russia and Ukraine: One's not an absolute piece of slavering shit. (CNN)

Our old pal Snipy explainers the Trump judge who just threw out the Voting Rights Act, or at least "the main mechanism for its enforcement," at Dame.

The specific violent Capitol riot cases Judge Amit Mehta is presiding over are probably on his mind when he's ruling that lawsuits against Trump for inciting the riot can go forward. (Emptywheel)

How Trumpers fold like really shockingly poorly tailored suits. — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

Oh my fucking god, how do they live.

By midday Saturday, [trucker convoy] protest leaders had thrown up the white flag figuratively and literally — organizer Pat King told his followers, quite wrongly, that waving a white flag meant they could not be arrested under international law.

Buzzfeed News


A weird little Mueller sidenote, with Guccifer, the FEC, and this common criminal who was running against David Cicilline in Rhode Island. (Emptywheel)

Some shady Brian Kemp election bullshit, I got bored and stopped reading. — Salon

American Shtetl (Wonkette cut link) book review basically: These assholes again. (Forward)

The Met's Afrofuturist "period room" is art/history/craft, but in the subjunctive: What if we hadn't torn down a Black neighborhood to build Central Park, and what if someone managed to keep her inheritance this whole entire time. (Elle Decor)

And that's why we're leaving Montana. Don't fuck this up for us, Michigan!

"We are absolutely seeing what feels like two countries — opposed on so many fundamental questions," Deborah Archer, a professor at the New York University Law School and president of the American Civil Liberties Union, told me in an email. "That's the reality we are facing with abortion rights -- pregnant people with fundamentally different protection of their Constitutional rights based on geography. That's the reality we may face with voting rights — Black voters with fundamentally different rights based on geography. That's the reality we are facing with the censorship of discussions about race in the classroom — children getting wildly different opportunities to learn about the history and reality of racism and racial inequality based on geography."

Ronald Brownstein at CNN

It Only Tuesday. (The Onion)

Bad Paralegal. — Appeals court opinion

Can you put a bed in front of a radiator? (Trade Radiators)

I see your headline, Food and Wine. I see what you did. "The Dream of the '90s Is Alive in Sun-Dried Tomatoes."

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