Get Your Personal Fasting Plan Today! (It Is #DoWhatever.)Tabs, Wed., Jan. 15, 2020

Get Your Personal Fasting Plan Today! (It Is #DoWhatever.)Tabs, Wed., Jan. 15, 2020

Come in, we're tabbing!


Guessing I'll have this tab open a while.


Don't really know how to get to the rest of the tabs after that one. How about animal heroes?

Animal Heroes 2017 - Amazing Animals Helping And Rescuing Other Animals

Gavin Newsom's homelessness task force is recommending the state be mandated to provide housing, via ballot initiative. Don't expect Californians to vote yes, especially if it means having housing for formerly homeless people in their towns and cities. Seriously, last year there were some suck-ass people FREAKING OUT about shelters for people who were already living on their streets.

What "conditions" is HUD Secretary Ben Carson putting on homeless aid for California? Allowing feds to clear homeless encampments for one. Like the "Healthy Forests Initiative" meant cutting down trees. (LA Times)

Politico: "Perez defends debate thresholds ahead of smallest, whitest Dem debate yet." Yeah, okay Perez.

You know who's calling bullshit? Barbara Lee. (SFChron)

I've reached my limit of free SF Chron stories (apparently: one?) but maybe you haven't! The Most Despair Inducing Bay Area Dishes of 2019. Man I wanna read that link.

WaPo: An 11-year-old uprooted from a gentrifying city: 'Sometimes, moms can't afford things'.

Maybe if the bushfires fuck with their sporps, Australia's PM will get his thumb out of his ass. (WaPo)

LA Times: An Australia in flames tries to cope with an 'animal apocalypse.' Could California be next? Well, yeah, idiots. That's the whole point.

Mining companies not paying their miners like a bunch of Donald Trumps.

Black Rock will stop investing in coal. (WaPo)

Biden vs. Bernie vs. Warren: Why Dems Should Relish the Coming Slugfest: The campaigns are finally going negative. Here's why voters should be glad. You know what, Jack Shafer? No.

White Nationalists Dreaming of Kobach, Kris. There, Rightwingwatch, I fixed your hed for you.

New York Times: A No-Body Murder Case. Click!

The NYT editorial board has a job interview for Elizabeth Warren. (I have not read this, and may never read it, but I saw some excerpts from their Bernie one that were like "what is your workout routine" and "on your cell phone, do you have apps?" Which is why I'm probably not going to read it.)

WaPo: Nancy Pelosi just hanging out all day listening to Moscow Mitch on repeat. That's fine, we just prefer "Levi Johnston's Blues."

Ben Folds & Nick Hornby - Levi Johnston's

Guys? Don't throw blood on people, even if it's for the excellent reason of "I want everyone to be able to enjoy some measles." (SacBee)

The coming Supreme Court battle over birth control. Greeeeeeat.

Should Democratic presidential candidates start talking about the Supreme Court, The New Yorker? They SHOULD? Okay.

How to be a better traveler! I will do those things!

Roasted chicken with mango glaze. Yes I will.

King Beauregard in the comments suggests you make trifle:

slice of pound cake
vanilla Greek yogurt
strawberry Greek yogurt
slice of pound cake
vanilla Greek yogurt
black cherry Greek yogurt
slice of pound cake
vanilla Greek yogurt

with some lemon Greek yogurt in there somewhere. It is like a poem!

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