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I NEED YOU! To find one poor family and make sure they know they'll get FOUR WEEKS to file with the IRS so they get their lovely, refundable child tax credit to HALVE CHILD POVERTY. Info at Humanity Forward! Do it today!!!

I mean, every minute of those four years were worse than Watergate, but here's why the latest Trump DOJ revelations were worse than Watergate. — Eric Boehlert at PressRun

Exactly the Republicans you thought would vote against congressional gold medals for the police who stopped the Capitol Riots voted against congressional gold medals for the police who stopped the Capitol Riots.

Chatcave, me: But what was their PURPOSE? I mean, I know what their real purpose was. What were they claiming? Liz: Critical Race Theory?

Margarine Taylor Greene apologized for her Holocaust comments, possibly sincerely! (Shut the fuck up, me, stop believing in spite of everything that people are really good at heart.) (Mediaite)

United Health Care has decided to postpone, for now, its decision that ain't gonna pay your ER bill if it decides after the fact you didn't have an "emergency." So if you have chest pains, better hope it's not gas. Maybe you should stay home, just to be sure. — Ars Technica

Center for Media Democracy got the Federalist Foundation's "charitable" 990s. They're ... fuzzy! But what they do show is $800k in donations from rightwing shadow groups, $150k of which was then "granted" to The Federalist. The other $650k is ... ??? Profit? (EXPOSED! / 990s)

Why have I never heard of St. Pauli Murray? No, not like the beer. The feminist Civil Rights hero! — 2017 New Yorker

This enterprising political columnist wanted to know what Critical Race Theory is, so he asked a guy trying to outlaw it. Um er uh WHEW! Do read! (

Black Lives Matter protests were peaceful, actually. (Radcliffe Harvard Institute report)

HOORAY Juneteenth a national holiday! They just needed Ron Johnson (R-Fuckhead) to drop his objection, whatever it might have been. (HuffPost)

Eric Levitz would like to take this opportunity to hand George Packer his "Four Americas" ass. — New York mag

AirBnB is working to support the eviction moratorium, won't let owners force out tenants to make a better profit on AirBnB instead. So that's good. At least through the end of the year, anyway. Now they just need to 1) make it easy via the platform for cities and towns to charge bed taxes and 2) stop letting people take 740 local rentals and put them all on AirBnB. (AirBnB)

Speaking of evictions! Trump probably so jealous he didn't try it.

WONKMEETS A-COMIN'! The first one is THIS FRIDAY in San Francisco! Fukui will host you! I will not be there! Add San Diego on Thurs., Aug. 13 12 (sorry, I keep doing that!) to your list, PROBABLY LA on Sun., Aug. 15, and Polson, Montana, in "September sometime I guess?" Plus you can throw your own! (WONKMEETS!)

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