Five Things You Might Not Know About Marie Antoinette! Tabs, Wed., March 10, 2021

Five Things You Might Not Know About Marie Antoinette! Tabs, Wed., March 10, 2021
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The Republicans ceded messaging about the Big Bill, so the media forgot its usual job and actually looked at what's in it instead of carrying GOP water. (The New Republic)

You take that back, Rebecca, said this inane bullshits Politico newsletter.

AP is like "they are racist and sexist, did you know?" GOP Struggles to Define Biden, Turns to Culture Wars Instead. (AP)

LOL let's ask Tim Ryan, formerly known as "uggggghhh Tim Ryan."

This guy shitting on the House of Windsor is great, enjoy! — Irish Times

Oh please, that boy Milo ain't ex-gay, he's got no one left to grift. (LGBTQ Nation)

Fascinating longread on Long COVID, and the doctors who are making some brilliant and low-tech breakthroughs for their patients. (The Atlantic)

The Lost Year: What the pandemic cost teenagers. — ProPublica

I know this isn't the point of "Dastardly Georgia GOP votes down Black people voting (ESSENTIALLY)," but:

In a statement to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Coca-Cola said it supported efforts by the "Georgia Chamber of Commerce to help facilitate a balanced approach to the elections bills that have been introduced in the Georgia Legislature this session." UPS made a similar statement.

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce is part of a group organized by Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) called the Bipartisan Task Force for Safe, Secure, and Accessible Elections. It is a diverse group, which also includes the ACLU and the Georgia NAACP.

What the FUCK is up with the Chamber of Commerce? First the national Chamber was part of the secret cabal (Time mag link) to save the country from Trump's Election Poop Circus, and now they're working with the NAACP and the ACLU to save Georgia? WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE ULTRA RIGHTWING FREAKSHOW CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. — Judd Legum's Popular Info

Florida Republicans putting a couple hundred mil a year toward protection against sea level rise and flooding, for oh NO REASON AT ALL, WHAT? (Grist)

Duterte executed a whole bunch of activists for the crime of "communist." Awful story. (Common Dreams)

The 71 tackiest things I've ever seen in my godforsaken life, and I have a high tolerance for tacky. (Except the aquarium bar. The aquarium bar's great.) — Home Wetbar

From the comments, okay I will come to your castle. (Wings Castle)

And because our Jamie will die on the hill of BITCH SET MARIE ANTOINETTE UP, here is, unusually, the headline post. Five things you didn't know about Marie Antoinette. (Bitch set her up.) — National Geographic

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